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I have recently found out that the AURX company has a deadline of September 20, 2004 to receive sufficient funding. Without more investors they will not be able to continue their clinical trials and their new treatment will never be able to be approved by the FDA. They need qualified investors that would be willing to invest at least 100,000 dollars. If you know of anyone that might be interested please have them contact AURX before it is too late. I hope that with your help more investors will be found and this new treatment might be available one day. ~Jacquelyn

We all have come to Yoshi2me's Herpes Help site for the same reason, in one way or another HSV has touched our lives. We may only be afraid that we have it, a loved one might have it or we may have it ourselves. Regardless of the reasons for our interest in bettering our knowledge on the virus, it is obvious that it has a wide-spread effect on people it has effected, in one way or another. To put it simply, for the vast majority of people, the long-terms health problems involved with HSV-2 are no more than an inconvenience.

There are those unfortunate few who suffer long-term, painful occurrences, their suffering and plight should not be downplayed or forgotten. But the vast majority of those looking for HSV relief arenít looking for alleviation of physical symptoms, they are looking for relief from the psychological burden associated with the stigma of having this virus, people simply want their lives back. It is a sad statement, but nevertheless accurate, that no amount of public education will totally change the perception held by the vast majority of people regarding HSV2, the only thing that will is a cure.

Lets face it, if 90% of people with genital herpes donít even realize that they have it, then what we are dealing with, for all intents and purposes, is something that is so minor physically that it isnít even given a second thought! Even in its worst form, painful lesions, if people knew that guaranteed and sustained relief was only an injection away, HSV2 would only be seen as little more than an embarrassment soon forgotten, much like having to deal with an early outbreak of chlamydia - a couple of shots and you are rid of it. No sleepless nights, no painful, embarrassing talks with a loved one - just peace of mind and hopefully lesson learned!

So this brings us to the topic of a "herpes cure." I would guess that a cure for different people would involve different things: some would only want relief from symptoms, some would only hope to prevent transmission to others or to suppress the virus inside of them, others would want the virus totally eliminated from their body forever - again, it depends on who you ask, they each have their reasons!

For myself the only pain I derive from this virus is the emotional and psychological aspect of having it. My outbreaks are barely noticeable, cause me no real physical pain for that I am truly thankful. Yet, despite having no physical symptoms worth mentioning, I'm left with this huge burden to have to deal with. As of now, Iím 21 years old, just starting my life free of school and youthful trappings. I was looking forward to soon starting a family of my own and moving on with my life. It's funny how all of these plans of mine have suddenly been given a new twist, not that they are impossible but in this day and age HSV2 makes my life much more difficult than I want it to be!

I have only been dealt this hand for a few months now, since that date I have searched high and low for information, research and future prospects. As we all no there is no definitive cure and nothing that will take this virus from the ganglia and out of our bodies forever. However there are several companies making strides to develop treatments that will contain the virus inside us, not allowing it to travel to the skin's surface. In essence, I think that this is just as good as a cure!

Lets put this into perspective, if those of us with HSV2 were not contagious, would we worry about it? I for one can honestly say no - if I had to tell a new girlfriend that yes, I do have HSV2, BUT she was at no risk of catching it, then would she care? If she truly liked me then I would hope not! There are those who will argue that if she is really worth it, then she will look beyond the risks to herself, because HSV2 doesnít make us who we are. While this may be true, I know that I could never blame someone, especially at my age, for not being willing to take the risk involved only because I know the enormous effect that this virus yields! HSV2 is a HUGE first hurdle to have to get over in any relationship!

This brings us back to the R&D going on, which is the main reason behind this open letter. As I stated before, there are a couple of companies taking different approaches to suppressing HSV2, unfortunately most are in early development and relief, even if these treatments prove to be successful, is years away.

However, there is one company (with which I am not affiliated with in ANY way) that is a little further along the way when it comes to getting their product into the hands of people who want it so badly. The name of the company is AURX (AURX.com) For several years the company has been testing a herpes vaccine developed by Dr. Laura Aurelian and Dr Cynthia Smith, both professors at the University of Maryland. (pharmacology.umaryland.edu/laurelian/) To date, in spite of negativity towards their theories (which thus far has been proven to be unjustified), the AURX vaccine has been proven effective in HSV2 treatment on a scale not seen before. It has passed animal, pre-clinical and Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials in humans, all with excellent results. For those unfamiliar with what is involved with approving a new drug, Phase 3 success is all that stands in the way of AURX and final review (and hopefully approval) from the FDA. I myself am no scientist or biology expert, I can't claim to understand what it means when "ICP10 PK" or "anti-apoptotic activity." However, what I can understand is the results that they have gathered so far, clinically: in the Phase 2 study, over 80% were lesion free for one year, over 35% were completely symptom free (not only lesion, but itching, tingling, etc.), all of this achieved with an un-optimized dose of the AURX vaccine. That in itself is enough to put this vaccine far ahead of current treatments in terms of relief, but AURX is hoping not to stop there.

From what I understand, a major part of Phase 3 trials will involve testing for asymptomatic shedding, to see if the vaccine not only brings relief to visible symptoms, but also prevents the most dangerous aspect of this virus.  Again, the dosage has not been optimized...who knows what the results would be once it is - there is only one way to find out! This is where the company is running into problems however, funding for this project, for one reason or another, is proving to be a problem.

Conspiracy theories as to why this is the case is a topic for another std forum, the bottom line is that this research MUST continue, not so much for the success of AURX, but for the cause of HSV2 sufferers. I will be the first to admit that there are no guarantees regarding the success of this vaccine, it may go the way of other potential treatments which failed in Phase 3, but I hold out hope that it at least gets a chance to prove itself. It would be one thing if the vaccine attempted and failed, but to never have the opportunity to continue, regardless of the outcome, would be a horrible shame. At the very least, by proceeding with the next phase, we will learn what needs to be improved on. I hold out great optimism for the success of AURX, this is the life's work of Dr. Aurelian, all involved are credible and knowledgeable scientists and thus far, the results speak for themselves!

To put into words what I would see as the best-case scenario for a happy AURX ending: the product passes all requirements and proves itself to be effective. Those with HSV2 pay to get their shot (even if it is once a year) and HSV is nothing more than an embarrassing memory! Imagine being rid of HSV2 and all that goes with it with the same ease that you received booster shots as a child! At the very LEAST, in a worst case scenario, AURX doesn't live up to expectations, then the next researcher that comes along can look at these shortcomings and improve on them. I donít care if someone stands on the "shoulders of giants" as long as they can help me get my life back!

Those familiar with AURX know that they were trying to compile a list of names interested in participating in clinical trials, as a tactic to prove to investors that there is interest in their product. It seems that they have succeeded in this registry to a certain degree, as I received an email in response to an inquiry that I made regarding the status of the company: "We are seeking funding. Time is now very short. If you know of qualified investors who might be interested in the current effort to secure funding, please have them contact us." While this provides a glimmer of hope that someone will come through for AURX, that glimmer is fading. I donít know if there are any investors reading this post, but I hope that those who do read it, regardless of their financial status, will show support for AURX's work, whether it be by email, telephone call or letter, this will show that this treatment is still desired, no matter where it comes from! If, by chance, there are investors reading this right now, Iím not saying invest in AURX based on my word alone. Do your research into their clinical findings, also realize the enormous potential this product has for generating revenue.

If things continue to go well, in a couple of years, the herpes preventing vaccine Herpevac will be out on the market. I know my daughter will be in line to get her shots (if I have one in the future) and hopefully, within a couple of generations, HSV will be a distant memory. The approach of containment to eliminate the virus is a commendable one and probably the most realistic. But at the same time, I donít want to be a part of the "forgotten generation", who had the misfortune of contracting HSV2 at the time when the focus switched from cure to prevention. I donít want to be forgotten only because the light at the end of the HSV tunnel is only a couple of generations away! Give AURX a chance to prove itself, thatís all I ask. Because, whether they succeed or fail, it will bring us closer to finding that "silver bullet" for this virus. Research must continue into the suppression of this virus in people who already have it, Phase 3 for AURX is a step in the right direction. What happens next is out of my hands; it is up to the people with more means than I have. For those who are able to invest, I urge you to do so. For those who can't, I hope you take a few minutes to at least show your support to AURX, find out whatís going on - call, email etc, show them that people are interested and care. For those who have lived many years with this virus, who were lucky enough to start families and live relatively normal lives, please donít forget what it was like to be 20 something with HSV and uncertain about your future, although HSV may be a small part of your life now, please donít forget the rest of us just starting out, help us in this small way. For those like me, who are just starting out, take the initiative; donít wait for others to lead the way, because you will be waiting the rest of your lives if you do. We have to turn around this defeatist attitude that HSV+ people seem to have, in terms of beating this virus. To state that we all want to be cured goes without saying, but it is time to state the obvious to the companies and those who make the financial decisions, if we let AURX, with all of its potential, go down without a fight, then what are we waiting to fight for when it comes to this virus? ~Michael

Thread Title: Potential Cure We May Never See
7/27/2004 10:06:41 AM, WebMD

I discussed this vaccine with Anna Wald and with Lawrence Stanberry, both people with great expertise in herpes vaccine trials. Both felt that there were significant problems with the research methodology with the AURX trials and thus, with the data.

Having been in this business for over 22 years, I've seen big drug companies snap up little companies or their products when they believe that there is a potentially successful treatment to be obtained. I obviously have no idea if overtures have been made to this company, but I would say that I personally haven't heard of any. That may be worth something or absolutely nothing.

I certainly would discourage no one from signing up for their trials, however. The more possibilities that we have for success with herpes, the better, in my book.

It is important to note that there are ongoing and upcoming clinical trials, in the US (AURX was done in Mexico, I believe) of a therapeutic vaccine by a company called Antigenics. You can also find out more information about that trial on their website. We are one of five sites that will be conducting their trials in the fall (we hope the fall). I also personally offered AURX our clinic as a site for doing their trial, at what I hoped would be a very reasonable cost, but did not hear more from them about my offer. I'm not sure exactly what's going on with them, but as I said earlier, the more options we have for research, the better! I hope that they succeed in getting enough folks for their next phase trial, that it happens in the US, and that the methodology is up to the very stringent criteria set by our nationally respected herpes researchers. That is important so that the FDA will see the results are being worthy of awarding approval.

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