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Aviralex Feedback

Find out what people are saying about Aviralex. We want to know what you think of Aviralex. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

I sent the following emails to Aviralex and they didn't reply to either of them. Sounds like they have something to hide. I sure hope none of your readers is duped into buying their product!

Second Email Sent: Judging from the fact I didn't get a reply, I take it this is a scam!

First Email Sent: I may be interested in the Aviralex product. However, I am unable to find any "official" information on Aviralex Intl or Choraphor Labs. Can you please tell me where the manufacturer is incorporated, and what the "legal name" of the company is? Also, can you please give me the names and contact information (telephone and/or email address) of the researchers at Louisiana State University and STT Labs who are conducting the clinical trials? I just want to check this out a little further before purchasing. Thank you! ~X

I am very selective in the companies I link to or affiliate with on my sites. So when the company behind Aviralex contacted me several months ago, a rep wanted me to become an affiliate for Aviralex or at the very least exchange links. Something didn't jive so I did some digging.

What I found is that Choraphor Labs is NOT the same as Dynamiclear and the two companies do not partner in the formula etc. I drew my own conclusion from what little information I was given and decided to partner with Dynamiclear.

Later, apparently thinking I may have forgotten or that I am just blonde enough not to do the math or research, the same representative contacted me hoping I would partner my sites up with Aviralex. Digging on that product revealed that they are the same people running Choraphor Labs. Though they list several different addresses between their domain registration - the website and phone numbers are exactly the same (Choraphor Labs and Aviralex).

I don't appreciate the dishonest tactics by which "the rep" tried to get me to link to their sites and have determined it to not be in the best interest of myself or my visitors to partner with either site, link or otherwise.

I bought my Dynamiclear and the customer service gal there was very nice and helpful. They are the original makers although I get the impression that the other company engages in more marketing efforts, etc. Anyway, she told me that their new product, "Aviralex" is simply a stronger version of Dynamiclear --- (same ingredients). ~G

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