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Colloidal Silver Feedback

Find out what people are saying about Colloidal Silver. We want to know what you think of Colloidal Silver. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

I don't think I've ever admitted this before. When I was first diagnosed with herpes I was desperate to try and find something, anything that would take away my outbreaks. My best friend's mother in law found out about my condition. She's into anything and everything "holistic" you can think of to the point where she will drive down to Mexico to obtain those treatments that nobody can get here in the United States. Anyway, her MIL sent me some Colloidal Silver to try on my outbreaks. I will have you know that I did try it. I put some on a Q-tip and went to town. You want to know what it did for my herpes? Absolutely NOTHING!! ~A

Hello! I wanted to take the time to compliment your work on the herpes info website which I found very helpful and informative. I would like to suggest that you post an info section about an additional alternative treatment remedy that I have used successfully for years.

A few years ago I contracted a genital HSV-1 infection after receiving oral herpes from a local prostitute. I used oral valacyclovir with moderate success until hearing about "Colloidal Silver" from a friend.

I decided to try it out myself and ordered a bottle online. After several weeks of once-daily consumption of a teaspoon of this stuff, my lesions healed up and I have not had an outbreak since, its been two and a half years and I now consider myself to be "cured" as I have since tested negative for HSV 1 and 2.

The brand of silver I used was Mesosilver from purest colloids. Contrary to misbelieve, colloidal silver will not cause your skin to turn blue or grey like silver protein will. Colloidal Silver kills bacterial, viral and fungal infections by collapsing the chemical lung that these infectious diseases thrive on, not killing the disease directly.

My wife used to get yeast infections quite often but after supplementing with the silver, it completely cured it. She soaks a pad or tampon as well as ingesting it (this can also be done for hsv). I consider silver to be very valuable against HSV and would like to spread my knowledge to other sufferers who could benefit from this potion. ~X

I don't believe a person can just guess as to whether or not they have herpes. It's important to get proper herpes testing done in order to figure out what your status is. I have to wonder if the person who left the comment above actually had herpes simplex virus in the first place. That's just my opinion and Colloidal Silver has not been clinically proven to do much of anything for anybody regarding any condition and especially not herpes. ~Y

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