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Find out what people are saying about Denavir. We want to know what you think of Denavir. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

Denavir was a Miracle wonder drug that worked unbelievably fast for about 2 years on my lips then my stuff seamed to mutate around it. I still use it in combination with other stuff. ~X

I have read over some of your postings and am a little surprised at how angry people seem. I read that over a quarter of women over the age of 16 have genital herpes. It's part of the viral load of our population. And very nearly every person would test positive for the oral kind.

I have been bothered more by my oral lesions because of the embarrassment. I've spent a lot of time and energy avoiding outbreaks, I have been outbreak-free for over 6 months and here is how:

ABSOLUTELY avoid chocolate, coffee, and nuts of any kind. Always. It's very difficult.

Take lysine WITH any of the above, also with prepared junk foods of any kind - sweets and chips. The lysine competes with arginine for absorption into the bloodstream.

I watch for symptoms of an impending outbreak. I get dry lips and skin pain - other people must have different signs. I take lysine and Echinacea to forest all the outbreaks.

If all fails and it comes on anyway, I have excellent results with prescription Denavir. My lesions last for 6 instead of 15 days, the earlier I apply it the better, the instructions say 3 times a day but I keep it on all the time, using a band-aid at night. Yes I look stupid. I hate these sores. I hope this helps someone! ~X

I don't see anything particularly special about trying to maintain any type of herpes diet because there is just NO proof that such a diet really works. Besides, if the herpes diet theory truly did work for all people that have herpes then why is it when I eat whatever I want to I don't get any outbreaks? Also, why is it when I follow the so-called herpes diet I do get outbreaks?

I think that if you are following a routine that you think works that's great but just because you think that is what is working doesn't mean that it's exactly what's doing the trick. I think a lot has to do with how long you've had the virus, what type you have, and where it's located. ~Y

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