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Oxygen Therapy Feedback

Find out what people are saying about Oxygen Therapy. We want to know what you think of Oxygen Therapy. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

It seems the alternative only folks have their undies all wadded up because of the fact that I have labeled oxygen therapy and DMSO as scams. Of course this is based on my own personal opinion and so far there are no facts that support that oxygen therapy OR DMSO has ever OR will ever been any sort of clinically proven herpes antiviral method. It doesn't actually take a rocket scientist to see that there are other herpes treatments that if taken would actually be the same thing as doing absolutely nothing for your herpes outbreaks. And herpes outbreaks untreated even with clinically proven herpes antivirals will definitely go away on their own. It might take a little bit longer than it would had you taken a clinically proven herpes antiviral such as Valtrex, Famvir, or Acyclovir -- but eventually the outbreak will heal itself. Now I can't stand to be in any type of discomfort no matter how small it might be so I tend to stick to taking Valtrex when I am looking to treat and get rid of my herpes outbreaks. At one point when I was first diagnosed I even chose to go on suppressive therapy for two years and that seemed to do the trick quite well. Today, I am no longer on suppressive therapy and I choose to treat my outbreaks as they come because my husband is not worried about contracting the virus from me. In any case, I might get one or two outbreaks a year that I can see or feel and I always manage to keep enough clinically proven herpes antivirals on hand just in case I need to use them. ~A

Yeah you are totally right about getting scammed when I got the first outbreak I tried some homeopathic stuff from the net and it was a scam. They didn't even send the whole order and then when I tried to contact them to tell them they didn't respond. With the oxygen therapy I actually chatted to two people who said it had reduced their outbreaks but only after they had had months of therapy - but I don't know. I'm not going to jump into anything. ~Anon

Ozone therapy is a waste of money and time. Don't bother with it. I've yet to hear of anyone getting reliable results with it. It's also much cheaper to treat your herpes suppressively with generic acyclovir which will give you proven results. ~B

Ozone therapy is a scam. There have been no studies that show it is safe to do or that it is effective in treating herpes. ~A

There is not any serious medical proof that the various ozone, oxygen, stabilized liquid oxygen, hydrogen peroxide treatments do a thing to benefit herpes patients. Testimonials don't count in the cold hard light of day. Peer reviewed double-blind studies do. ~R

It's a scam. A couple years back I bought the book and got the DMSO and hydrogen peroxide and even tried the oxygen therapy (where they inject oxygen into your blood). I was so gullible. I got an outbreak a couple days after my second oxygen injection. Waste of cash dudes and those mofo's are rackin' up some bad Karma. ~J



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