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Find out what people are saying about eHarmony. We want to know what you think of eHarmony. Use the contact button to share your two cents.

From what people have been sharing with me about eHarmony is that they really care about people building quality relationships and helping you to find quality people. I guess that's probably why their personality profile questionnaire is so long.

What happens is when you fill out your personality questionnaire and they go to run a search for you, it will automatically pick up similar keyword phrases from personality questionnaires that other people have filled out using the same words or similar answers. I thought that was pretty interesting. ~X

I tried eHarmony for 3 months with the expectation that I would at least talk to someone even if I didn't connect with them. I had 4 pictures and detailed information (I am an attractive female). I sent flirts (so to speak) and never communicated with anyone. At least on the other sites you can communicate early on to decide if you are compatible or not. I would not advise that any of my friends use this site. ~Karen

I think eHarmony is great. I love the way they are set up and how they match you through so many areas. It is a little pricey, but I've been matched with some really great people. I've heard that it ranges, but in a month I've been sent over 100 matches, and I've really hit it off with one guy in particular, who is honestly a perfect match for me. I would recommend the site to everyone. ~Katie

I tried e-harmony and met the man that I've been seeing for nearly two years there, so I gotta say that I'm a fan. Here's what I liked:

Very good opportunities to maintain your anonymity for as long as you'd like. You can communicate through e-harmony without giving away your email or phone number or even a photo. All anyone knows is what you list as your hometown, your profession, your height, your age, and your first name or nickname.

The initial survey takes a pretty long time to complete, but I think it does a decent job of setting up the system to find some good matches for you. It's not perfect. I was once matched with someone who specifically stated 'no dogs' while I listed my dog as a 'must have'. I think it just cued on the word 'dog'.

It's less meat-markety than other sites like Match.com. Your matches are sent to you because the system picks them; you're not cruising photos. And it doesn't ask for your 'sign' and whether or not thunderstorms and tattoos are 'turn-ons'.

The quality of the people that I chose to meet was decent. I met some nice guys. We didn't all hit it off, but you can't expect that. ~X

My experience was a good one. The early communication is structured so you don't feel too lost and I really found all the communications were opportunities for self-reflection (if you take the time for it). I think I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted from a partner by going through all these electronic exchanges. I had set a wide search radius (about 300mi). Over about six months, I was sent about 200 matches. I went through the process and met up with three guys, one of whom has been in my life since May 2005. I'm not sure that we'd put ourselves up as a poster couple, but we both recommend the site to others. ~M

I really liked my experience with eHarmony as well. Since I have the counseling background, the personality matching seemed a much better way to get matches. You don't have look around for people. I really believe that personality and values are very important in finding a compatible mate. The structured communication is good as well as how you can set your privacy settings.

I communicated with lots of guys but never met any until last month. He and I are still seeing each other. Some of the guys and I have remained email pals even though we've never met. I think part of the not meeting issue was the area of the country I was in at the time. The guy I'm with now is from my neck of the woods. ~P



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