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Christians with herpes share their testimony.

I am a Christian woman and I have herpes. I've had Herpes for 12 years now and it's finally time to share my testimony with you. If you are a Christian and have herpes or any other STD OR any other type of illness I would absolutely LOVE IT if you would share your testimony with me and give me permission to share your testimony on this page for others that follow Christ OR don't know who Christ is OR how He fits into our lives.

If you have a Bible verse that inspires you and helps to get you through life's little bumps in the road will you share that with me too? I'm going to put the Bible verses as I get them into the side bar of this page. I also wanted to let you know that there is a forum for Christians that are suffering from herpes OR have an STD. Maybe we can reach out to each other and give the glory to God for allowing us to learn something new about His Love for us in spite of Life's little negatives, ya know? Send your Bible Verses OR your testimony to and I'll post it for the entire world to see!! How's that? :-)

I'm a Christian woman, 25 yrs old, and I've had herpes since I was 18 years old. I was raped and never let God part my way as I have come to learn that where there's a door, he opens it. I was very lucky to just get an STD. I know, your thinking that is "crazy." Well I think of it like this, the guy that raped me could have killed me, given me AIDS, etc. So I had to count my blessings when I heard it was "only" Herpes. I know, doesn't seem that anyone in his or her right mind would think like that, but that is I and who I am. I have nothing but respect for the man upstairs and I know that he wouldn't deny me anything he didn't see fit in my life; good or bad. I'm married to a wonderful man, have a handsome son and that is my life and I'm so grateful to have what I have each and every day. I know plenty of women that don't see it to be fit to have Herpes and call yourself a Christian, because the end result is you had to do something, no so Christian-like to get Herpes, right? WRONG! Those types of people are those that disgust me and make me wonder how in the world they are leading anyone in the right direction. God says to "love thy neighbor." That is not love, that is hate and pure and simple, it's being disobedient. My favorite quote from the Bible is: Isaiah 6 Verse 10: Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed. I think that says all that needs to said, about that. ~Lizzy

All I can tell you is it has been the grace of Almighty God.  Yes, my faith.  I've learned so much about being a Christian.  I frankly believe I would not have learned it any other way.  Now God has my full attention. ~Eddie

You guys are so good and I sure hope that you know deep down inside that you are beautiful people ALL of you. I was so happy and so surprised when I opened up my outlook express and started reading the notes about what it is you guys have to say about herpes and what it's meant in your life. I almost started to get all choked up inside when I started reading the positive little notes in between the lines. You are what makes YOU and not the herpes. If I had to go back and do it all over again I don't think I would change much of anything because it's all helped to shape my life even in small ways. I'm not happy that I contracted herpes but I am thankful that I am alive. I really appreciate and hold dear to my heart what GiftedBrotha said about having Christ in his life and not living in fear because that's how I do it too. I'm not afraid of anything bad in this world because of the fact that I have Christ and Christ has me. He did pay the ultimate price and who am I to become self absorbed in something as small as herpes when you compare it to His shed blood on the cross. Ok.. I will stop there because I do have respect for those that don't believe and if you don't that's ok. I didn't post this to make anybody feel bad. Please know that sincerely from me. Just like we had a hard time coming out about herpes.. I just felt the need to come out about where I'm at and how much Christ does mean to me and what He has done for my life. It's what has made it so simple for me to move on from the negativity that having herpes can sometimes bring. Thanks for allowing me to ramble.. *Hugs* ~Yoshi2me

Am I happy that I have this well honestly no. However, I do appreciate how humble and strong I have became from the experiences I have gained with having this. You really do not learn who you are or how strong you are until something happens to you. Dwelling on the consequences will only cause you pain but the experience itself will cause you to grow and become an even stronger person. I did not like pain in the past but now with Christ in my life I fear no evil and have a much stronger appreciation for life. I do like the support this group and others give to people who are new to this. We all need each other and not the stigma this society gives us for having something like this. ~GiftedBrotha

Well I need to retract a little of what I said.. "Blessed" to have hsv2 because I said I was. I don't really feel blessed but I have not let it define who I am as a person. I was defined well before I found out that I had this. I just know it has really helped me do my job better working with teens and in the STD world that I work in. I do not fear hsv2 at all nor do I let it control my life. The main reason is because I have Christ in my life but the other is because I knew alot about hsv2 when I was diagnosed. Knowledge is power! I will not let someone control how I feel about myself with their lack of knowledge of hsv, if they don't want to date me because of this, then let them go try to find someone who doesn't have it. ;) You are all amazing wonderful people and you need to feel proud of yourselves because you have the power to get up and get on here and talk, vent etc. Wishing you all a blessed week. ~Jane

God, has definitely made an impact on my life. I say the serenity prayer on a regular basis. It certainly helped me when I was first diagnosed with herpes and with other obstacles in my life. - Lemonade

That would be nice. I always wondered why you were so hopeful and upbeat. So, I am not surprised at all to find out that you are with Christ. I will be sending you a link. It is about a program at my church. I am a graduate of the Celebrate Recovery program. This REALLY helped me and according to the bible can help others with underlying pains and hurts other than herpes. There is a CR program in every town, city, across the USA. And, villages across the world. ~Faith

Leaning on the Lord and learning about turning all things over to him, has brought me nothing but peace and joy, even and especially in the most turbulent of times. May your day be blessed. ~Jane



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