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Has Anyone Done a Show on Herpes?

Hello: I am writing to you in reference to the topic of HSV (aka: Herpes), a sexually transmitted disease which affects 90% of people either orally or genitally or both. On your show Joy referenced online dating ads of a couple of people with Herpes and these people were denounced. It was said this would be a deal breaker in their relationships and the word "loser" was even thrown around. Apparently, little do these people know how many people deal with this exact topic every minute of their lives.  Little do these people know how many people live with the FEAR, yes FEAR that the topic of Herpes will come up and people with laugh, insult, or generally show their ignorance of the topic. It is a well proven FACT that 25% of Americans live with Genital Herpes. It is a well proven FACT that 90% of Americans have oral herpes. It is a well proven fact that Oral Herpes can be spread genitally. You do the math. You just lost at LEAST 25% of your audience. Not ashamed to be a strong individual living and dealing with Herpes!! ~Marie in Indianapolis, IN

Dear Joy: I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2, or genital herpes. I have had one sexual partner in my 37 years. We were to be married, but it didn't work out. We didn't do drugs. We didn't sleep around. We had sex with each other outside of marriage. Is it true that you called those with Herpes "losers"? May I ask you why you feel that way? I have to admit I felt that way too before I contracted herpes. I knew it as "VD". It was very depressing to learn I had an incurable virus. One that would affect my sex life and that of those I love. I felt suicidal for a short while. But life goes on and unlike another well known virus, HIV, HSV will not kill you. In fact it's the only sexually transmitted virus I know of that won't. I have educated myself and look forward to a happy love filled life. Instead of ranting and raging like I know so many others who are aware they have HSV, I would instead like to ask, if you can support someone with HSV, why is it so difficult to support someone with a skin infection? It is not sexy, I know. But for me neither is homosexuality. But I support my long time buddy who just came out. Why is it okay to support homosexuality, but not someone with a very common infection? ~Carl in Dallas


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