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I Wrote to ABC Television

I am so offended and dismayed by your Friday the 13th show. I can not believe that most of you sat on The View and let the negative comments about people with herpes go on. Do you realize this was the day before Valentines Day and can you imagine how people who had just received the news that they had this disease felt, like they were now losers?

Let me give you a brief story. I did not have sex until I was 24, my husband had herpes, and he received them when he was young and in Korea protecting our country. When I contracted this I was just married and I went to the military hospital. I had no idea what it was. When the young doctor examined me he laughed, not because he thought I was a whore, but because he happen to think I was innocent and did not even realize what the disease was. That's when my husband told me about it. I just figured I loved him and it must be like my diabetes which I have had since age 11. So I didn't really believe having herpes could be very bad at all. I did feel shame, horror, fear, and I felt like a whore and no longer worth anything.

Finally two years ago through the internet I found other people who like me lived with this every day. It helped me to realize it was not my fault and I could live with it. Even though Joy Behar thinks everyone is as shallow as she is, and believe me I used to think that too, she is wrong I have found a man who loves me, all of me. I will never be careless and let him purposefully receive this disease from me but he knows about it and he knows I am worth it, I am a great person, I am full of love and understanding and most important, compassion, which is in my opinion something Joy could use a dose of.

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you can share this with the others at The View although believe me they will all receive a letter from me.

Are any of you educated on this disease? May I shed some light on this for you?

I also added quick facts about herpes from the national site and in my letter to the producers I told them that I thought Joy should be made to research the facts about herpes of course with the help of Barbara Walters and find out that she could be making fun of someone in her own family. I also thought that she should publicly apologize and advertise when they are going to have the information on so that all those who may need the help can tune in.

I used to be worried about putting my picture in the ads because someone in my town might recognize me but today I have just realized, why do I care? I have told my 13 year old son about it in the hopes that he will be more careful when he starts to experiment with sex. My ex husband knew along time ago and my boyfriend knows and loves me anyway.

I have finally realized my herpes does not define me it is only a small unimportant part of who I am. My actions, my voice, my compassion and my life define me...and you know what I believe...I AM a very good person with a lot of love to give and a hell of a lot to offer the world.


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