Not Happy. What is happening!?

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Not Happy. What is happening!?

Postby LadyTiger » Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:27 pm

So, I was diagnosed with GHSV1 almost ten years ago. I was told by the doctor that the initial outbreak would probably be the worst and that I probably wouldn't have much, if any, trouble with outbreaks because of the type and where it infected. That was true, until about 12 months ago. All of a sudden in Dec, I had my first clear outbreak since I was diagnosed. Then again in April something that may or may not have been a blister. Then in July I had an outbreak that lasted a whole month. A WHOLE MONTH!! It was unreal. So I thought, for sure, I would be in the clear of OBs for awhile but now I am currently in the middle of another OB. Worst thing is, I wasn't sure it wasn't an OB b/c this one did not warn me with the telltale tingling signs the other ones did. It came out of the blue. They are just tiny blisters but the emotional pain in amazing. I thought I had dealt with this! I am worried sick since pretty much the day before the OB, well when I noticed it was an OB, I let someone finger me. The anxiety over their health is overwhelming. I am freaking out, and I needed a place to vent. I feel depressed right now. Has anyone else has had an experience like this? My doctor gave me a prescription for Valtrex but I am too embarrassed to get it filled. I am taking 3000mg of Lysine a day. Does anyone else have any good OTC tactics for OBs? Thanks for your time.

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Re: Not Happy. What is happening!?

Postby Yoshi2me » Fri Oct 04, 2013 12:49 pm

Please don’t be embarrassed to get your prescription filled. Lysine is not going to be much help. Also, not everything that happens down there is always going to be because of herpes.
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