Question: Who Can I Talk To?

I recently received the following e-mail in my inbox:

“I was just diagnosed..I’m feeling very there someone I can speak to?? My doctors have not been helpful with the questions I have..”

First of all, I’m so sorry you were diagnosed. I’m assuming you mean that you were diagnosed with an STD. You didn’t mentioned which STD and you didn’t mention what area of the country you were writing from, but that’s okay.

I hope with some time and some knowledge about your condition you won’t feel as heartbroken as you were the day you were diagnosed.

Sometimes physicians don’t have the best bedside manner with their patients. I know this can be frustrating but try to remember they have a lot of patients to see.

What you might want to do is write down a list of questions you have for your healthcare provider and maybe make an appointment to see a Physician’s Assistant instead.

I am finding with experience that Physician’s Assistants have a lot more time to spend with patients as compared to a full blown Physician. Sometimes you can get better care by seeing a Physician’s Assistant.

I think it’s something worth some consideration.

Meanwhile we do have an online forum where you can post your questions anonymously in the sidebar of this blog. Just look for message boards called Picking Up the Pieces as well as Shut Up and Post! STD Message Board.

Sometimes it can be helpful to do some digging around on the web before you see an actual doctor so you will be better prepared.

I hope this helps!

Until next time…

Have you sent e-mails lately?

I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I’m still here and I’m reading your e-mails. Over the next few days I’m going to be responding to many of your questions right here on the blog. Don’t worry, I will keep your details vague and make sure your identity is not compromised. That way I can get your questions answered, you’ll be receiving the help that you need, and we can help others who may have similar questions.

Check back soon!

Talk to Your Kids about Sex

If you don’t talk to your kids about sex they will hear about it somewhere else.

When it comes to sex, there is nothing to be ashamed of but if you act as though it’s a shameful subject, your kids will think there is something wrong with their bodies.

Help your kids understand how beautiful they are and how their bodies work.

Let your kids participate in age-appropriate group discussions at school. There is no shame in that! If anything, your kids will learn what is going on in the world and see they aren’t the only ones with questions.

If you put your family and your children in a bubble, and you don’t teach them these important lessons, eventually your bubble is going to pop and they will have no idea what to do.

Personally, I think it’s pretty abusive to seclude your child. You are giving them a false sense of truth. You are teaching your child your version of the truth instead of an age-appropriate balance of the facts.

Your children deserve to hear the truth from you and to be able to communicate in their peer group settings without having to feel as though they are doing something wrong.

Do you want your children to grow up and resent you for hiding the truth from them? They are supposed to be able to trust you.

Those parents who feel sex ed classes should not be in school, shame on you! Not all kids have loving, caring, kind parents who choose to sit down to nurture, teach, and have conversations with their children.

If this can happen in school or in a safe moderated peer group discussion then I think this is wonderful.

Remember, your children are not an extension of you. They are their own human beings who deserve to be cherished and respected. Keeping them from the truth is not the answer and it’s not very loving.

Valtrex Vs Generic Valacyclovir

Goodbye little blue pill! My health insurance company would not approve my doc’s order of NO SUBSTITUTION concerning 500 mg Valtrex to treat my Herpes outbreaks. Can you believe it? It seems health insurance companies and pharmacies know better than the doc what is best for their patients.

For the first time in my adult life I have to settle for the Valtrex Generic 500 mg Valacyclovir by Mylan. It’s a little white pill with a M122 stamp. Honestly, I can’t afford to pay $300.00+ for a 30 day supply of Valtrex. It’s a good thing having Herpes isn’t an autoimmune situation or I’d be in the fight for my life with these all-knowing-trump-the-doc companies looking to squeeze a bang for every buck.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s I think the most I ever paid for a month’s supply of 500 mg Valtrex was $30.00, not $300.00 – which is CRAZY!

I will give this generic blue-wanna-be Valtrex by Mylan a try. Hopefully it will be just as good as name-brand Valtrex.

In the meantime, I would be interested in any feedback you might have for me regarding Generic Valtrex.

P.S. I almost forgot – Yes, I still get outbreaks from time to time. Lately I have been second guessing myself wondering if I do in fact have a food aversion to almonds and walnuts, BUT I’m pretty sure my outbreak trigger is STRESS. Stress seems to get me every time.

Recently Diagnosed with Herpes

Were you recently diagnosed with herpes?

I know you probably feel a bit overwhelmed and thoughts are probably swirling around in your mind about your recent herpes diagnosis.

Hang in there and know that you are not alone.

We’ve got a couple of great forums with caring people that would love to help you get through this time of uncertainty.

Picking Up the Pieces

Shut Up and Post! STD Message Board

I can tell you there are many wonderful caring people on these message forums who volunteer their time to just help people see there is truly a light at the end of the tunnel.

You won’t always feel this way.

Phony herpes websites and cures

I recently received a note from someone who stated they were battling herpes and extremely tired of all the phony websites promising a true herpes cure along with false information. This person was looking for accurate FDA-approved treatments and accurate information about herpes.

All I have to say about that is kudos to you for being able to recognize the sites that are just trying to sell a product that isn’t FDA-approved. Typically, if you come across a site that sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

You are better off speaking with a knowledgeable health care provider like a family doctor or an infectious disease specialist if you really want to get accurate information about herpes and ways you can treat your herpes outbreaks.

There are a lot of FDA-approved treatment options and if it were me I would stay focused on the clinically proven herpes antivirals that are tried and true.

Going Through My E-mail

I have quite a bit of e-mail to go through. My plan is to go through all that e-mail and come back here to address any questions that were sent my way. Don’t worry, I will treat all the correspondence as if it was sent by anonymous so that your identity is protected. Overall, I feel that it’s better for me to address the questions on the blog so that we can help others who might be dealing with similar circumstances.