Ask Your U.S. Representatives to Support Ovarian Cancer Programs


Please join Cancer Schmancer, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition in supporting these programs:

Johanna’s Law: the Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Act authorized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to undertake a national gynecologic cancer awareness campaign directed at women and health care providers. This is especially important for ovarian cancer patients, because many are not diagnosed in a timely manner; women and their health care providers must be aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer so that women can be treated earlier. We are asking for $10 million this year.

Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program: The DOD’s Ovarian Cancer Research Program funds research through a two-tiered peer review system. The research funded is cutting edge, and often the research later gets funded by the National Cancer Institute. Funding from the program has led to almost 400 publications, numerous patents, and for bringing in more than 25 new investigators into the field of ovarian cancer research. The program is able to fund less than 20% of scored proposals, meaning that funding could be quintupled in order to support all the good research ideas. We are asking for $30 million for this year.


  • Call the DC office and ask to speak to the Health LA
  • Ask that the Member sign the Dear Colleague letters on Johanna’s Law and on the Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program
  • Ask that the staff also enter this into the on-line appropriations request form
  • Tell the staff you look forward to meeting them in person in July, when you attend the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Lobby Day

If there are any questions, please email the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance at and let them know with whom you spoke, in what office, and what questions they need to answer for the staffer.

If you have a blog OR use of e-mail, I strongly encourage you to copy and paste this form and send it to everybody that you know. We need to help Fran Drescher and Cancer Schmancer turn out and educate the public on Ovarian Cancer and what we can do to try and help make a difference. I will be posting this in formation on all of my blogs. I hope that you will too.

Originally posted on The Cancer Schmancer Movement

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