Breaking up is hard to do

I am in the middle of a break-up because of my situation. I told him exactly 8 days ago. He was so understanding at first and told me he would need to educate himself but he would not bail on me.

We have seen each other two times since the bomb dropping and he was fine the first night, distant the second night. He used to email me every night and abruptly stopped. I know it’s over – just hasn’t been voiced yet.

He is the first man I have told I loved them in 12 years. This hurts – it sucks – it’s not fair. I want to scream and cry and tell him I am the same person I was 8 days ago that he was saying he could see marrying. Of course then he would leave because I was pyscho – Damn stigma.

All the depression and loneliness I felt when I found out I had it has come rushing back. My friends are very supportive about my relationship breaking-up but they don’t know why. It hurts when people don’t understand why you don’t have a boyfriend because and I quote “you are such a sweet beautiful person.” Ugh, if they only knew.

I am trying a dating site for guys in the same boat. It has taken me so long to trust that someone could see past this, but apparently a skin condition outweighs compatibility. I wish all of you the best of love and life. A full life with people you can trust who do not see you as your situation, but for you.

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  1. I just joined this site yesterday, because I too am at my wits end. I am going though a break-up with a man I loved, and adored, (and of course, still do). The depression, and loneliness does feel unbearable, but just know that you are not alone. We just have to take things one day at a time….make that one hour at a time…and keep reaching out for help, even though staying in bed, and hiding away from the world, is more appealing at the moment.
    I haven’t told my friends about having HSV2, and I’ve had it now since 2005. So I’m sure they wonder why such a “pretty, smart, and sweet girl” like myself is still alone. Finding this site as been a God send. I hope I have helped in some way….consider yourself hugged!

  2. I am reaching out for this very reason. This is the first time it has really mattered. It was a devastating blow when I fould out but up to now there has been no one of consequence. I met who i thought was the perfect man for me. He was everything I ever wanted and we were so compatible. Then, I had to tell him before he got in to deep. He is a DR. so I hoped he would be a bit more understanding. He wasn’t. He bolted. I don’t blame him. I blame myself for all of the terrible mistakes I have made. I got this from my exhusband but still. I knew I shouldn’t marry him when I did. It wasn’t until after we were separated that I found out. He had other partners. I just don’t know where to go from here.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, at least you have experienced what its like to love somebody at some point in your life. Im 29, share your condition and have never even had what I would call a long term relationship. I was extremely sheltered as a child and never started really seeing women till I left home for college. Of course thats when I contracted HSV and for the most part have kept all the pain and loneliness to myself for the past 8 years. I can totally relate to having friends and others ask and wonder why Im still single, but of course just hide the real reason. It sucks Im a good looking guy been told numerous times, Im laid back, keep away from trouble, love kids, all that good stuff, but I feel like its all been ruined by one stupid night of lust. To think that I could remain single the rest of my life bothers me everyday and everytime I see happy couples on the street. Chances are we will all eventually find somebody special but every moment we live with this and remain searching for that somebody is very painfull. Guess the best thing to do is pass the time by finding hobbies and activities to keep our mind off of it. Best wishes to all.

  4. Well for 10 yrs I ‘ve been silently suffering with both HSV(2) and HPV.
    and not really telling anyone but my mom, dad and aunt . I have a
    deep fear of telling anyone this . I have 2 children by two diffrent
    fathers and stayed in two long miserable relationships becuause I felt
    guilty for giving it to them and I thought no one would ever want me .
    I felt lika plague.

    One relationship was for 4 yrs which I ended up leaving the country
    entirely and the other is 5 yrs. but we don’t see eye to eye anymore
    What should I do .

    I was amazed to come ontop this website. I knew I was not alone but
    somehow I felt I was and reading these stories gave me an inspiration
    to write a little something about myslef

    just sending this to let u know your not alone

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