Embrace Yourself


There is a lot of talk lately about how horrible we are because we have herpes and how we should be all poor me because we have to discuss our herpes status with someone prior to having sex with them.

Tonight I was looking through some old movies and found a copy of some Winnie the Pooh shows I had forgotten I taped for my nephew. My two favorite characters on Winnie the Pooh are Eeyore and Tigger. Two extremes in life.

Eeyore. “Thanks for noticing” Monotone voice and just a slow outlook on life. Eeyore is how I see some of you. Just plodding through life. Sad. Forgetting the joys of life.

Tigger. He’s bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun. But the wonderful thing about Tigger is I’m the only one. The most wonderful thing about ALL OF US is that we are the only one. Every one of us is the unique person we were meant to be by which ever God we believe in.

We have a choice in life, STD or not. Herpes or not. HPV or not. We can choose to live life as an Eeyore or a Tigger or somewhere in between. While Eeyore is fun to watch for a short period of time, do you really want to life your life walking around thinking poor me.

I choose to live my life as Tigger. Embracing my uniqueness in life. I choose not to allow a stupid little bug or 2 to control my life.

Written by Mo

8 thoughts on “Embrace Yourself

  1. I choose to live my life as tigger! Who is with me? My friend is obsessed with tigger.

  2. true not everyone chooses to be in certain situations but cautiousness is always wise, keep up the optimism + care for others.

  3. Why do yall have tigger on this thats so mean yall are so mean!!!! what will children think when they see it??

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