Herpes from a Massage?

A massage therapist recently contacted me to ask if I thought they contracted herpes from massaging their clients. My response to that question is: NO.

I highly doubt you can contract a sexually transmitted disease from providing a professional massage to your clients.

I know sometimes our minds can create that hint of doubt but that usually happens when we are looking for a way out, a justification, or logical reason for the diagnosis.

You probably already realize that you did not contract herpes from work.

If you’re still unsure about this you may want to telephone your doctor and ask the question. I’m willing to bet your doctor will say the same thing.

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2 thoughts on “Herpes from a Massage?

  1. But if I have open sore on my hand (dermatitis) I work on the gluts. it’s has said in other forums it can be contacted for the area of an out break, that’s how it’s spreads even while using a condom. So why wouldn’t it be possible to contact through dermatitis on my hand. I do Not know 100% but do believe a client had it. By some verbal information they had given me. This was before I was diagnosed and didn’t put 2&2 together, of what they had.

  2. The circumstances would have to be just right in order for you to contract herpes on your hand. Your client would have to have an active open sore and your hand would have to have an open cut. An exchange of body fluids with the presence of viral activity on the surface under the right circumstance is probably the only way. People with genital herpes tend to have outbreaks on or around the genitals. People with oral herpes tend to have outbreaks on or around the mouth. Also, people with herpes are not 100% contagious all the time. The virus has to be activated and have traveled to the surface. I hope this helps.

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