I am 17 and I have Genital Herpes

Hi my name is Sara, I am 17 and I have genital herpes. I began reading everyone’s stories and I really haven’t been able to talk to anyone about the pain and suffering you go through with this type of STD so I decided to tell my story.

I was born and raised in a strict apostolic church and wasn’t really exposed to the outside world until I stopped attending at the age of sixteen. I wasn’t as experienced as the rest of the kids my age so I did as much partying and drugs as I could to catch up with them.

I had a few drunken one night stands and started to get a bad reputation so I quit having casual sex. I found myself a boyfriend and we were together for two years.

We broke up about 4 months ago and I started looking for someone to fill that void. I met a guy at a party I attended and we hit it off great. He was a perfect gentleman and never rushed a thing. In fact I had to kiss him first.

We started dating and started an intimate relationship as well. About a month ago I found out he had given me genital herpes.But he had not and to this day does not have any signs or symptoms.

I began having an itching sensation in my groin area. My first initial thought was a yeast infection so I ignored it and went to on with my day. When night came around the itching became extremely intense and it was burning incredibly bad.

I tried lying in bed that night but I was so incredibly uncomfortable and I was crying hysterically from pain. The only position I could bare was sitting slightly slanted backwards so I slept sitting up.

I told my mom to schedule me an appointment to figure out what was wrong. When we went to the clinic they asked me to urinate into a cup for some tests.

When I went to the bathroom I was in so much pain from the burning I vomited and I couldn’t walk without intense pain. When the doctor told me the news I shrunk way down into my chair and began weeping uncontrollably.

I was so mad because I wasn’t supposed to get something as disgusting as this. I was in a healthy, natural, all American, monogamous relationship. Whenever I thought of someone with herpes I thought of someone who had slept around.

I just couldn’t help but feeling like the biggest whore on earth. I was angry because there are prostitutes and whores out there and they are cleaner then a whistle.

I was disgusting, who the hell would want me now, I kept saying to myself. Then people began to talk because a few “close friends” my boyfriend told weren’t such good of friends after all.

That more than anything was one of the worst experiences out of the whole ordeal because they didn’t understand that it wasn’t because I was sleeping with lots of people. People who don’t know are quick to judge and I hated my good name being smeared all over the town.

But things got a little better and I am slowly coping with my disease. I am still with my boyfriend, whom is now my fiancé and life is looking up. Now I just keep telling myself that it is not that big of a deal and that I can go on living. So I try to go on living everyday.

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18 thoughts on “I am 17 and I have Genital Herpes

  1. Sara,

    It breaks my heart to read this and for you to think that you are disgusting. I am so sorry that you were living the shame of the stigma of genital herpes. You are not disgusting. You have nothing to be ashamed of. God loves all people (sometimes I think he especially loves those of us with herpes because we are here to learn and teach of acceptance and love. Ourselves first) It would be great if you could post an update as to how you are doing now. Take care, Nanci

  2. What you wrote was beautiful. I may have to feature your comment as a post. Thank you for taking the time to touch us in a positive way with your honesty.

  3. Dear Sara.Many thanks for sharing your storie.Hope you’re dealing well with life.I am like you and has been more than 10 years since i got it but still hard to accept especially cause I met someone really interesting and we are doing well.He knows everything but i am so scared that he can get it so our relationship sometimes has ups and downs about this issue. We’re beautiful and more than it, so take care and enjoy life. Love Maria

  4. I’ve had a similar story… People did talk around, at age 18 my solution was to move out of town. Drastic yes, but I had alway wanted to travel and studying somewhere new seemed appealing. That worked out for me quite well. I’m now a college graduate and have yet to pass on the disease to someone else. Being carefull, while not fool-proof, is the key.

  5. Mary – Stop allowing your feelings of fear to interfere with your relationship.
    Jack – How are you so certain you have not passed the virus on? Hopefully you are having a talk with your partners before you have sex with them, right?

  6. Dear Sara, I know how you feel. I’m seventeen years old, and I had sex for the first time two months ago. About twelve days after, I showed signs of genital herpes. I was at camp at the time, and I had to go to the ER. The nurse only had to look at it.
    The boy, he has had tests done, and even had blood tests done. Everything has come back negative. This is all a big mystery to me. At least you know how you got it. It can be transferred by oral, gym equipment, and even canker sores in your mouth. I am oblivious as to what has happened to me.
    It’s not the end of the world. It’s not deadly. It’s just something that you have to learn to live with.

  7. It’s possible that the boy did not have proper herpes testing done at all. No, you can not contract herpes from gym equipment and canker sores are not herpes.

  8. Dear Sara.
    Hope you are well.
    As you, I’ve got Genital Herpes for about 10 years ago and in the beginning was really difficult to cope but the best friend is the time.Time heals and we learn so much to accept things in our life.I am in a relationship for more than a year and he understand so well my problem.
    I am glad you found someone who loves you and accept the way you are.You a beautiful person I am sure and keep smile my friend.
    A big hug from Maria – London

  9. Heey I have a very similar story to you.. we should definitly talk sometime. i’m in need of a friend to talk to about this, i haven’t told anyone cause i’m so afaid of what till happen. i am seventeen too. please try and email me or somethingg

  10. I know how it feels to be young and have everything so much bigger than what it really is. Do lots of reading from reliable resources & realize that it’s not as big as you think it is. Everything will be okay.

  11. hey sara and megan,
    I have a really similar story. I am 19 and got diagnosed today. I have not told anyone and I am freaking out. I still am shocked and it is just hitting me. I feel as if my life will never be the same and its ruined. I need someone to email with or talk to in anyway. I am so embarassed and ashamed. Let me know please

  12. My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with HSV recently. How do I help her? She is devastated. What is an accurate, reliable source for her to read?

  13. Hey Sara. I am also 17 years old. I contracted genital herpes when I was 16 years old from a boyfriend. At first I was completely devastated. Telling my Mother was the worst. However, both of my parents have been really supportive. I am really happy that I came across your post because at times, I do feel alone. Thank you xx

  14. Hello, my name is Charlesie. I was diagnosed with GH when I was 15 due to rape. I know this was posted a long time ago, but I wanted to know if you feel any different now than you did when you posted this? I know how you felt in this post and am still currently relating to so; I’m wondering if it gets any better in time?

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