I thought I read you went on a herpes cruise


Somebody sent me an e-mail today asking if I had been on a cruise before. I have been on one cruise before and that was back in the summer of 2001 when I went on my honeymoon as a newlywed.

We went on a Northbound Alaskan Cruise on a Princess. It was wonderful, beautiful, peaceful, magically, and insanely breathtaking. My favorite parts of the trip was when we would hike up to the deck, hop in the Jacuzzi, and watch the stars and mountains go by.

I guess whoever wrote me thought that I had been on a cruise through the Social Support Networking Alliance. There are social groups that host cruise line events but you kind of have to dig through them to find out who’s hosting what, where, and when.

Sometimes the event facilitator will ask me to post their event details but this year that hasn’t really been a whole lot going on within the SSNA. I haven’t heard much from the HELP groups either.

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