I wasn’t joking around about DMSO


I got this note today in my inbox:

Hi I injected DMSO 20 cc with 80 cc distilled water. It has caused my liver to shut down. I can’t have a bowel movement any more and the color of my stool went to a grayish color. My skin is turning yellowish brown. Liver enzymes are high. I read that DMSO doesn’t metabolize when injected. It’s destructive power destroys the liver forever.

Can you provide me with any information or documentation on what it does to the liver and is there anything one can do to heal the liver. – Jason

Here’s what I told Jason:

You need to stop taking this stuff and see your doctor. Have you seen your doctor yet? I would not play around with personal experimentation via the internet this way.. ok?

Read what others have to say about DMSO.

BE CAREFUL and ALWAYS talk to your DOCTOR 1st.

4 thoughts on “I wasn’t joking around about DMSO

  1. “Hi I injected DMSO 20 cc with 80 cc distilled water.”

    Yeah, we all have the appropriate syringes and distilled water laying around so that when tempted we can inject whatever catches our fancy….

    Oh I forgot, this came in via the internet, so it must be true….

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