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Well my story starts off like most peoples do. I’m 16 going on 17 and just found out that I have herpes.

I had dated this guy for 9 months he was always nice and we were really close, had sex.. but I was always comfortable and never pressured into it.

We broke up a couple of months after he had gone away to college but remained friends. Sometimes after that he would come back wanting to hangout and we would then end up having sex but for some reason I had been in the denial of him being with other girls when he was up at college.

At one point he even mentioned to me he had been with quite a few other girls after me but something just wouldn’t click in my head that “hey he might have unprotected sex and I could potentially get something!”

The last time we hooked up was really random and spur of the moment and I didn’t even think about using a condom. Well of course that’s when my luck ran low. 3 days later I woke up, went pee, and it was probably the worst pain I had ever felt. I told my mom who is a nurse and she said I had a urinary track infection so she called in some medicine for that but of course it didn’t really work.

The next day came itching and burning which can also be symptoms of UTI’s but in my case not so much, but at this time I didn’t know so I got cream to deal with that pain but still it didn’t help.

I found myself not drinking so I didn’t have to pee but when I did I would scream and have to squirt water down there to keep it from hurting so bad. Finally for some reason I took a mirror and sorta checked things out and my eyes probably got as wide as they have ever been and I started to shake because I saw a ton of sores, knowing in the back of my mind what they could be. I ran to my mom and explained to her and she’s a labor delivery nurse so she new what I probably had, she told me and made an appointment for the next day to see a doctor.

Sure enough when I went there the next morning the doctor could tell right away what I had, and the reason I couldn’t pee is because I was covered with them in that area. I was devastated, I felt so nasty I could barely look at myself. I cried continuously for about 2 days and thought all the worst things I could about my situation.

I told the guy that infected me, but all he could say was “I’m sorry” didn’t really check up on me or care what he had done, or care to go get checked so he wouldn’t do this again but I guess situations like this shows you who people really are.

With the help of friends, my mom and my aunt I knew my life would continue and that this was just a little bump in the road. I knew that through things I’ve been through in my past I am a strong person and this could not and would not break me. Yes its going to be hard and yes I still feel kinda dirty and like no one will ever love me, but everything in life takes time and hopefully that will all go away.

I hope everyone going through this especially girls my age know that this could only help us in the long run maybe from getting pregnant or having sex with no meaning, which really when I look at it is not how I wanted my life to end up, so in a way I’m somewhat thankful for the wake-up call. I hope everyone finds the positive and their situation and keep enjoying life and living it to the fullest.

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