Lysine never did anything for me

I got an interesting e-mail today from Jeanine who had this to say:

How many people have to tell you that Lysine works. You seem to be very knowlegable in pharmaceutical meds. So, I believe You do work for Big Pharma in disquise trying to convince people otherwise. Those who know better than you, know that they will be better off without your information.

A lot of people have told me that L-lysine works for them. However, twice as many people have also told me that L-lysine doesn’t work for them at all. I happen to be one of those people that tried L-lysine and it did absolutely nothing for my herpes outbreaks.

I do not work for anybody at this time. In fact, I am a stay-at-home mother of three beautiful girls. I’ve got my hands full taking care of them and even when I did hold a job, I did not work for any pharmaceutical companies – EVER.

Just because I tell somebody that taking L-lysine didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that I am working for the drug companies. I am entitled to tell you what I know and share what has OR has not worked for me. Am I not entitled to share my own experiences? You have to realize at some point that no two experiences are alike. There are so many factors that go into why stuff may or may not work for some people.

The rest of the note was just plain old mean and rude. I don’t really have anything to say about those rude remarks that were sent my way.

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  1. I suffer from genital HSV-1, and at most, (prior to l-lysine) I would have maybe one small, barley noticable outbreak every six months. The only time my outbreaks would slightly flare up would be when I ate chocolate. (I love my chocolate!)

    Since I love chocolate, I figured I would start to take l-lysine to suppress my high argenine levels (hence, keeping my hsv underway). So I started taking 1.5 grams daily (.5g 3x daily).

    I forgot to take the pills maybe two days straight, and in my forgetfulness, I ended up having the WORST outbreak I’ve ever had in my entire time having hsv. I ended up having 4 sores on my outer labia, and even one on my rectal area! It was extremely uncomfortable!

    Needless to say, I chucked the whole bottle of L-Lysine in the trash. I’m going to try DGL and tea-tree oil, and see how that works out. But the whole hoopla around L-Lysine is some bull.

  2. None of that stuff you are trying has been clinically proven to do a thing for the virus. As for food triggers, some people have them and others do not. I eat chocolate and it doesn’t do anything to me. If you are having issues with outbreaks, you might want to discuss suppressive therapy with your doctor. Valtrex, Famvir, and Acyclovir have actually been proven to do something about the herpes virus and there are no adverse side effects either.

  3. I guess Lysine works for some and not others. It works best as a preventative measure and shortens the outbreak time for me. Used Famvir & acyclovir for almost 20 years. Read about peanuts and tomatoes encouraging outbreaks and lysine as a preventative measure. For the past 4 years no more drugs and I use lysine when I get a tingle and when I eat peanut butter and tomatoes to prevent an outbreak. I went two years outbreak free when previously it used to be 4-5 x’s a year. Now I get outbreaks when I haven’t used lysine preventatively by being lazy. I do notice that eating a large amount of peanut butter or tomatoes causes a tingle shorly after. If I ignore it, I get an outbreak. I tried it because even with the medicine, I am embarassed in public for at least a week. I wanted to prevent them altogether. when I follow it, it works! Anything is worth a try dealing with this stuff.

  4. L-lysine is not a herpes treatment. L-lysine is not a suppressive therapy treatment for herpes either. L-lysine does not reduce transmission. L-lysine does not reduce asymptomatic shedding. I would never tell anybody that was trying to protect a partner to do so with L-lysine. I would never suggest that a pregnant woman with herpes about to give birth try L-lysine either. There is NO such thing as a herpes diet.

  5. “Valtrex, Famvir, and Acyclovir have actually been proven to do something about the herpes virus and there are no adverse side effects either.” Wow, Angela, just wow. You are so 100% dead wrong. Do your homework. These drugs can have powerful side effects, especially with long-term use. Valtrex’s own website states that side effects include “headache, nausea, stomach pain, cold, and sore throat.” Severe cases can include acute kidney failure, nervous system breakdown, and even death!!!

    Now, I’m offended, b/c you are giving wrong information to people, which may harm them. Stop, just stop, before you cause harm! Information is one thing, but opinion is another. Sayonara. And best of luck w/your drug addiction. ;)

  6. Powerful side effects? Oh good grief. Every little thing the store will sell you has possible side effects. Get over yourself. When was the last time you looked at the possible side effects for Advil? I’m not causing harm. People need to do their home work and talk to their doctors and do what they think is best. I think it’s hilarious that you think I’m addicted to drugs. I think you’re just pissed off that I’m taking $$$ away from everything OTC. lol :-)

  7. There have been some legitimate studies on the use of lysine. I don’t think anyone should be saying that it in no way can help treat or suppress the herpes virus. I also don’t think anyone should be saying it is a cure or it is as powerful as the pharmaceuticals used.

    As far as side effect of herpes medication, there are some. Also, you have to consider that these medications are being metabolized by your liver and could possibly do some harm in the long term

  8. I recently read that there have been no medical studies to support the lysine argument, and I was a bit surprised because lysine has worked for me in the past. More important to note that the opposite is true which is that chocolate, peanuts, and corn tend to cause outbreaks for me (all high in arginine). I would go out on a limb and say that lysine could be an inexpensive option to give a try. At any rate, it is very rude to call Angela a drug pusher when she has been nothing but objective.

  9. Hello people, in advance please excuse my spelling.

    I have usel L-Lysine to help with cold sores. They do prevent outbreak for me, if I binge on chocolate and nuts I find I get one then take lysine in exsessive amounts, if im early enough it nips it in the bud, but if im not at least the lysine helps reduce the time its there and healing process, but then again sometimes (like last time) it done nothing & I had the two worst cold sores I have ever experienced :(

    Everyone should do their own research as there is ALOT of conflicting information all over the web – some people have said it even causes hair loss which scared me so I only take it when I eat foods high in arganine (which trigger cold sores) you can gets lists of foods off the net that tell you the level of arganine v lysine & just avoid the foods that contain high levels of arganine. RE pharmesuticals – they are NEVER a good option, but thats just my personal opinion. always do your own research & NEVER take what people tell you as gospel.

  10. Morganpmiller ~ I think you should check with the FDA because I don’t believe Lysine has been approved as a legitimate treatment for HSV. Why would it be? Why would anyone take Lysine supplements when all they have to do is eat foods that are high in Lysine? Too much Lysine supplement use is what’s not good for your body. There is absolutely no evidence that clinically proven herpes antivirals cause liver or kidney damage. Always check with your doctor and not one that plays one on television.

  11. Anna ~ I really think it’s important to consult with your physician before you start scientific experiments in your kitchen. Really, I worry about you.

  12. totally agree you should consult with your doc too.

    no need to worry about me & its certainly no ‘experiment’ Yoshi2me, also I have spoken to my doc re lysine. The same doc who tried to get me to take st john’s wort for depression/stress without realising it would totaly couteract my contraceptive pill & cause pregnancy. You can see why I dont always take the doctors word for gospel & its lucky for me a friend of mine already fell prey to an uninformed ‘doctor’ and had experienced a unplanned pregnancy which resulted in abortion. Yeah Doctors are great. sometimes.

    Check out [SPAM URL REMOVED by BLOG OWNER] for some interesting information and a different INFORMED point of view. Its always good to look at all your options and do your own research,never take any body’s word as gospel. Yoshi2me – I worry for you. Ignorance may feel blissful but it can be a deadly comfort.

  13. Lysine never helped me. Nothing. Instead of getting rid of outbreak, I started having issue with my liver function. Be aware of Lysine side-effect.

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