My Fairytale Ending

fairytaleTo start from the beginning in August 2007 I moved away from home to go to college and live on my own. I was meeting lots of people making new friends and life was awesome.

I began dating a guy in September, I thought he was really great but by the end of the month I had decided to break it off. Three weeks later I noticed some sores and was in a ton of pain. I started doing some research online and came to the conclusion that it could possibly be herpes.

I went to my doctor and she told me I just had a couple of ingrown hairs. Well I had wanted it to not be herpes so bad I believed it. In January I had another ingrown hair episode, it was in the same spot and had the same symptoms as the last one. Well… at this point I knew it wasn’t ingrown hairs. I started doing research again and came to my own conclusion that it was herpes.

I made a doctors appointment with another doctor to have the HSV blood test done and two days later my world was turned upside down. I was HSV2 positive. I thought life as I knew it was over.

I found during my search for information and thru Yoshi2me… I also found Hmates. I was quite skeptical at first but I figured I had nothing else to lose, so why not.

After being a member for a couple of weeks I started emailing back and forth with a guy. He was really awesome, he helped me tell my parents and work through some issues I was having. He had been diagnosed a few months before I did with HSV2. We became our own little support system.

After a month of phone calls lasting into the wee hours of the morning and hundreds of emails I took fate into my own hands and flew to spend the weekend with him. We knew after that first weekend we wanted to be together forever and that what we had was the real thing.

My Fairytale came true when I married that man this past July. He is wonderful and loves me for who I am inside and out.

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  1. Your story gave me the butterflies as it brought back memories of the first weekend I spent with my husband, who also has herpes. We met on an STD dating website called positivesingles. After a few weeks of late night phone conversations, emails, and IM’s I drove 5 hours to meet him. Our first night together was amazing, romantic, and liberating…and when we woke up the next morning, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I moved down to be with him and a year later we were married…now we have a baby boy and another baby on the way!

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