My Life is Not Over – Part 2


It has been more then a year after my diagnosis with HSV2. I simply wanted to update what’s been going on with my life.

I am currently working with HIV positive clients as a Case Manager, and  I enjoy it. Since being diagnosed I’m still with my partner and engaged.

He has never mentioned to me my H status and it’s as if I didn’t have it. We don’t use condoms since he doesn’t care of my H status.

Keep in mind people that I’m Asymptomatic, meaning I have never had symptoms or outbreaks (THANK GOD), yet I can still infect my partner. He chooses not to use condoms.

I simply want to let people in here know that H is a simple Virus, a second chance from having become infected with HIV. With H many people live normal lives. If you are newly diagnosed simply read read and read.

Become educated on H and how it can be transmitted. I’m lucky my partner loves me regardless of my H status. I don’t know why he is so okay with it. I have educated him, but I think he doesn’t mind my status since I’m Asymptomatic. That doesn’t mean he will be if he ever became infected.

We have been trying to have a child, and I do worry about my H status if and when I become Pregnant. In the other hand I know there is medication and steps to take to protect my children to come.

Well take care, become educated on H.  Don’t be ashamed of your H status. – G

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  1. Hi, I read both your inspirational stories and I have so many questions, not just about Herpes but your career and your relationship. I’am in the same boat you are. I want to have the exact carreer you have and I have herpes and have only had one outbreak and a very mild one at that and I have not had one for almost four years. I’am very inspired by your story and would like to get in touch with you if that is ok.

    Thank you for sharing your story I find it very uplifting…You Made My Day!

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