How am I able to ever have peace and acceptance?

I am writing to you because I have no where else to turn to try to accept the fact that I am diagnosed with herpes 2 since 2010. I was so ignorant to the fact that this is a virus that is so easily transmitted. An ex boyfriend passed it onto me and I was too trusting to actually believe people would be honest if they had a disease such as this.

In the last year I have had outbreaks every 2 weeks so it is a constant reminder and it really gets me down. I am an active outgoing individual but having the sores subjects me to a lot of bed rest. I am only 48 years old. I want to start life all over again but can’t. I am a very healthy eater primarily organic food. I have read over time at some point there are fewer and fewer outbreaks.

I did go on valtrex in the beginning for about 6 months and it helped but I just hate the fact of being on medication as I read it is hard on the body. I take lysine everyday as it is suppose to help but not for me. I do my best to avoid the trigger foods that can bring on the herpes blisters. Stress is a big one for me because I keep blaming myself and can not stop feeling so shameful for what I have.

I know I am not the only one diagnosed with this but look around and feel like I am. How I wish this was on my mouth somehow I could accept it. I always get a blister just to the right side of my vulva and it obviously is quite tender for a week or so. Sometimes I get a spot higher up around the anus which is much more mild.

So my question to you is how am I able to ever have peace and acceptance?? It depresses me so much.


How to Stop Regular Outbreaks

I need to know more about this subject and how to stop my seemingly regular outbreaks. Your subject matter was in-depth and informative but if YOU capitalise a word YOU should probably double check YOUR usage. OCD man over and out —N

For me, stopping regular outbreaks in the beginning was easy. Whenever I had an outbreak or felt one coming on I would take Valtrex. As the years have gone by I haven’t really had to worry about regular outbreaks. Talk to your doctor about what’s going on and see what their recommendations are. A good clinically-proven herpes antiviral usually gets the job done. Have you given some thought to suppressive therapy? That usually does the trick, too.

Tanning Bed Herpes

05c3c966b00417c6dc52d7f35b487b76Can a person contract herpes from a tanning bad? The simple answer to that questions is: NO. No, you can not contract herpes from a tanning bed.

Tanning is not enough of a contact sport. Most tanning beds are disinfected regularly with industrial-strength disinfectants that linger on dirty tanning beds and kill germs, herpes included.

Herpes cannot survive outside of the body for long periods of time. People who think they contracted herpes from a tanning bed or toilet seat do not understand herpes transmission.

Hoping my hand herpes story helps someone somewhere!

My story begins 22 years ago when I was 15. I went and got my first manicure and full set of acrylic nails for prom. I went to a friend’s sister who was almost through with cosmetology school and we did this at her home. My nails looked great and I was a happy girl. That is, until 2 weeks later when I got these horrible sores around my cuticles and down my middle finger.

Went to the pediatrician. ( I was 15 ) Dr. said I had gotten a fungal infection from a bad manicure. These sores went away and have come back off and on for 20 years. Never really thought about getting a second opinion because I had never in my life heard about hand herpes. Until last week.

I had a massive burning itching feeling in the palm of my hand and within 24 hours I had a 1 inch painful blister on the palm of my hand. I assumed I had a sticker in my hand, so I opened the sore (huge no no!) and saw nothing. I put triple antibiotic on the blister and covered it with a bandage.

Next morning I wake up to a red streak running up my arm from my palm to my elbow. Ran to the dr to be told I had a blood infection. He ordered IV antibiotics through a Picc line, and did a culture on my blister. Culture came back negative for bacteria, so he did a blood test. By the time the blood test results came back, I had 3 painful blisters on my palm. The blood test showed HSV 1. Mind you, I have never had a fever blister, cold sore or genital herpes. Herpes was a non existent word in my world.

The dr and I discussed my history in detail and decided that the fungal infection I had been diagnosed with was actually my first outbreak of Herpetic Whitlow. Imagine 22 years and I never knew! We are now trying Valtrex to help clear this up faster, taking Xanax to help me deal with the anxiety and are simply using Universal Procedure to keep me from transmitting to my husband and 2 children.

I was astonished to hear that most Herpetic Whitlow cases are not diagnosed because of lack of public awareness. Hand Herpes, who knew you could get such a thing? Now we know and you don’t have to be sexually active to be infected! Lesson learned? Always go to a reputable, licensed cosmetologist to get your nails done! Lol


God, My STD

Yesterday I was diagnosed with Genital herpes, or at least the doc said she was 98% sure it was. I’m still waiting for the test to get back. Anyway… As far as pain goes, I’m in a lot of it. The doctor gave me darvocet because I have to sit in class all day. She also recommended me a topical analgesic. The thing is, though it hurts horribly physically, I feel like I’m going through more emotional pain than anything. When I first heard the doctor say that it was herpes, I just looked down and fought back tears. I felt disgusting, skanky… like spoiled Goods. I told my mother that what bothered me most of all was that if things didn’t work out with my current boyfriend, I didn’t think another man would want me because of my STD. God, My STD. I guess I’m still trying to accept the fact that I have one. Anyway, the point of all of this is that I wanted to say thank you. I was happy to find a site with as much as yours. So, Thank you! —X

I Thank You Sincerely

I just wanted to thank you for putting this site up. I have recently been diagnosed with HPV (GWs) and have just been feeling really low. I’m frightened that I also have HSV, but when I requested that test, the request was dismissed by my GYN. There is a lot here that’s very helpful, but honestly, just reading that you’re a normal person, who has managed to marry, have children, do all the things I still hope to do in this life, gives me hope. These days, hope feels rare and more special than it ever has in my life — and for that I thank you sincerely. Wishing you all the best. —X