God, My STD

Yesterday I was diagnosed with Genital herpes, or at least the doc said she was 98% sure it was. I’m still waiting for the test to get back. Anyway… As far as pain goes, I’m in a lot of it. The doctor gave me darvocet because I have to sit in class all day. She also recommended me a topical analgesic. The thing is, though it hurts horribly physically, I feel like I’m going through more emotional pain than anything. When I first heard the doctor say that it was herpes, I just looked down and fought back tears. I felt disgusting, skanky… like spoiled Goods. I told my mother that what bothered me most of all was that if things didn’t work out with my current boyfriend, I didn’t think another man would want me because of my STD. God, My STD. I guess I’m still trying to accept the fact that I have one. Anyway, the point of all of this is that I wanted to say thank you. I was happy to find a site with as much as yours. So, Thank you! —X

I Thank You Sincerely

I just wanted to thank you for putting this site up. I have recently been diagnosed with HPV (GWs) and have just been feeling really low. I’m frightened that I also have HSV, but when I requested that test, the request was dismissed by my GYN. There is a lot here that’s very helpful, but honestly, just reading that you’re a normal person, who has managed to marry, have children, do all the things I still hope to do in this life, gives me hope. These days, hope feels rare and more special than it ever has in my life — and for that I thank you sincerely. Wishing you all the best. —X

A Positive Impact On People

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me this evening. There is so much sensationally bad & scary information on the web, it was nice to find a site where someone (you) was absolutely trying to create a positive, helpful, place with no ulterior motives. I don’t know how much traffic you get, or if you’ve ever questioned whether it makes a difference or is worth it, but I want you to know that what your doing is important & does have a positive impact on people. —X

Keep It Up

I really appreciate what you are doing here on your site. I contracted Herpes about five years ago, and just told my boyfriend that I have it( We have not had sex yet). Your story gave me the strength and courage I needed to tell him. I am so grateful that you thought it important enough to devote your time to such a wonderful project. We are moving on past this. And I want you to know that your story had a great deal to do with me having the guts to tell him the truth. Keep it up. —X

Now I’m ready to share my story

Hi I think your site is really inspirational. When I was diagnosed with HPV about five months ago I was devastated and thought that my life was over. I had seen all the internet pictures and information saying that it was a disease that would invade my life forever, that is, until I came across your website. After reading your personal story I felt a whole lot better about my situation and knew that one day I would be back to normal. Now I am ready to share my story and hopefully inspire other people with it. —X


Thank you so much for this site. It has gotten me through a lot of rough times. When I first found out I had herpes I freaked out and didn’t know what to do. I felt like my life was over. I didn’t think anyone would ever love me or be my friend if they ever found out. After reading the stories It helped me a lot. I finally have my self-esteem back. I have found a wonderful man that loves me no matter what. I couldn’t believe it. We have been together for over a year and no matter what he adores me. Without this site I do not think I would have made it this far on my own. THANK YOU!! —X