8 thoughts on “Possible STD symptoms for women

  1. I wish I could find a cure. I don’t want people to know. I live in a small town so everyone will find out.

  2. There is no cure for herpes. There are ways to keep the virus in check…just no cure.

  3. I had an affair with a girl and now I have a disease. My husband has left me and I gave him aids. Any advice on my loser life? I can’t talk to my friends because I live in a small nv town and they will know how I am. Help?

  4. How do you know that you have an STD? Were you tested? Did you actually go and see a doctor? How do you know that you gave your husband HIV? Have you thought about seeking a professional counselor or therapist?

  5. i have a bump on my bikini line n it hurts when pressure is on it n its been there for like a month. im really nervous. please email me

  6. Hi! Ms. Maj,19 years old
    having a relationship for about 3yrs and 5months.
    September 8,2009,I saw that i
    had this kind of blister near my vagina and some kind
    of greenish something that came from my vagina.
    so i don’t mind about that because i thought it
    was like an ordinary people so i told myself
    observe first. then everyday there’s a
    new blister it’s itchy and irritating,
    so i also thought it’s an infection because
    of always using panty shields/liner,my mom told me that’s
    you can also have infection if your using panty shields/liner.
    then September 14,2009 I’m really afraid of what i knew,
    I went to gynecology and she said when she first saw my vagina and
    blisters that I HAVE STD! it was a shocking revelation for me.
    I thought it was just a simple Pimples or Infection that came out,
    but i was wrong. until now i don’t know how to tell this kind of
    disease to my parents? Im only child,they did’nt know that im not a virgin
    anymore since i was 13years old. im afraid about the expenses of the
    medicines and check up with gynecology. I pray to god that im not really
    positive because im not able to check or to undergo STD Testing,but i saw
    that the doctor get a little greenish to test maybe if it’s really a Positive
    or negative and just a blisters. Im still confused because why after 3yrs
    and 5months that blister came out and not during my sexual intercorse with
    a man? im very nervous and until now i secretly place my medicine somewhere
    so that my mom will not see and discover it. im so stupid and so dirty,i told
    myself. and the only person that know’s this problem is my lesbian partner,my gynecology
    and the assistant or nurse. help me guys.. i don’t want to die if ever
    it’s a severe case. you can email me at [e-mail address removed by site admin. Please do not post your e-mail address in your comments. Thanks!] thanks!

  7. I dont kn wat it is i just started shaveing a while ago my moms doesnt kn.
    I have these bumps there are on my vigina theres like 10 of them not big.
    There used to be just 2 but when the hair strted growing back,i started scraching and thats when i notice i had like 10 bumps.
    What do i have,,,,? Or do i just need to stop shaveing?

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