Promotions of Groups, Sites, Events, Products or People


If you joined this group OR this group because you are interested in the subject matter and you were hoping to promote other Groups, Sites, Events, Products OR People we would appreciate it if you would get approval from the Moderators first. You can contact our Moderating Team by using the e-mail address at the bottom of this group’s home page.

If you attempt to post anything about other Groups, Sites, Events, Products OR People without contacting the Moderating team first, this may result in having your membership removed permanently.

We take pride in the fact that people are able to get support and meet others in similar situations. With that said … our group will not be used as a stomping ground to advance your agenda nor will it be used to Spam your merchandise.

Furthermore, if the moderators agree that what you have to share with the group members is of interest and benefits the subject matter of the group … we will not and can not insure that anything you share will remain private. Nothing about the internet is private therefore; you will need to use good judgment and common sense when sharing information.


The Moderators