Some people are not so nice


I have a product review page where people can write to me and tell me what think think of something that they’ve tried. Sometimes I get positive feedback about the items listed and other times I do not.

Not everybody is going to like the same things. I personally prefer to shop at Walmart because of the convenience and the price points. Things seem to be a lot more affordable at Walmart as compared to Target. There are things about Target that I like that Walmart just can not compare to. The furniture and home decor is stellar as compared to Walmart. People shop at different stores for different reasons.

What’s my point?

What I’m trying to say is that what works for one person isn’t going to necessarily work for the next and because human beings are such intricate creatures..our health and immune systems vary from person to person too. That’s a big reason why sometimes I get positive feedback and sometimes I get negative feedback.

What I can’t stand is when the company that makes the product contacts me privately attempting to BULLY me and DICTATE what I am to do with MY site. Uh HELLO… you’re not my boss. I don’t work for you. I don’t have to listen to you. I don’t have to respond to your e-mails. I can post whatever I want to on MY site. I am entitled to my opinion as is everyone else and especially since I live in the United States of America. We have freedom of speech in this country and I will not be HARASSED by anyone or anything. I don’t care how much money you have OR what kind of FOWL LANGUAGE you use to try and persuade me to listen to you OR ELSE.

Can you tell I don’t take too kindly to being threatened?

Everything that folks share with me to post on my pages is true for them and the circumstances that they are in. My advice to you is if you don’t like what you see on my site, don’t read it. If you are trying to find out about a product or service…and it pertains to YOUR health…please see your doctor. If you find a product OR site that sounds to good to be true…chances are…it probably is.

I can tell which items of interest are snake oil and which products are legit and offer comfort for people. It’s usually the people that make and sell the items that contact me CURSING me left and right and THREATENING me that make me believe that they don’t believe in their own product. Otherwise why would my little feedback pages cause such hostility?


YOU can’t tell me what to do with my site. You can’t tell me to take something down OR to add to it. It’s my site. You’re not my boss. I will not be BAMBOOZLED by your rudeness. You will not tell me to remove anybody’s comments as there comments and opinions do not belong to you and YOU are not the thought police OR mind control.

If you are so worried about your sales… stop fighting with me and work on your web site. It’s not very professional looking. Your goal should be to please the people that visit your site and stop looking at my site. I’m not the competition. I’m not selling these so-called “miracle cures.” YOU ARE. And I don’t work for you!!

I actually had some TWIT write to me just the other day to tell me the following:

“Please remove your irrelivant research. As it does not concern you or your viewers.”

Who the FLYING PURPLE PEOPLE EATER do you think you are telling me what to do with MY SITE???

Word of advice from my blog to your eyes… MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and stop looking at my site if you don’t like what’s on it.

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