Valtrex Vs Generic Valacyclovir

Goodbye little blue pill! My health insurance company would not approve my doc’s order of NO SUBSTITUTION concerning 500 mg Valtrex to treat my Herpes outbreaks. Can you believe it? It seems health insurance companies and pharmacies know better than the doc what is best for their patients.

For the first time in my adult life I have to settle for the Valtrex Generic 500 mg Valacyclovir by Mylan. It’s a little white pill with a M122 stamp. Honestly, I can’t afford to pay $300.00+ for a 30 day supply of Valtrex. It’s a good thing having Herpes isn’t an autoimmune situation or I’d be in the fight for my life with these all-knowing-trump-the-doc companies looking to squeeze a bang for every buck.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s I think the most I ever paid for a month’s supply of 500 mg Valtrex was $30.00, not $300.00 – which is CRAZY!

I will give this generic blue-wanna-be Valtrex by Mylan a try. Hopefully it will be just as good as name-brand Valtrex.

In the meantime, I would be interested in any feedback you might have for me regarding Generic Valtrex.

P.S. I almost forgot – Yes, I still get outbreaks from time to time. Lately I have been second guessing myself wondering if I do in fact have a food aversion to almonds and walnuts, BUT I’m pretty sure my outbreak trigger is STRESS. Stress seems to get me every time.

How am I able to ever have peace and acceptance?

I am writing to you because I have no where else to turn to try to accept the fact that I am diagnosed with herpes 2 since 2010. I was so ignorant to the fact that this is a virus that is so easily transmitted. An ex boyfriend passed it onto me and I was too trusting to actually believe people would be honest if they had a disease such as this.

In the last year I have had outbreaks every 2 weeks so it is a constant reminder and it really gets me down. I am an active outgoing individual but having the sores subjects me to a lot of bed rest. I am only 48 years old. I want to start life all over again but can’t. I am a very healthy eater primarily organic food. I have read over time at some point there are fewer and fewer outbreaks.

I did go on valtrex in the beginning for about 6 months and it helped but I just hate the fact of being on medication as I read it is hard on the body. I take lysine everyday as it is suppose to help but not for me. I do my best to avoid the trigger foods that can bring on the herpes blisters. Stress is a big one for me because I keep blaming myself and can not stop feeling so shameful for what I have.

I know I am not the only one diagnosed with this but look around and feel like I am. How I wish this was on my mouth somehow I could accept it. I always get a blister just to the right side of my vulva and it obviously is quite tender for a week or so. Sometimes I get a spot higher up around the anus which is much more mild.

So my question to you is how am I able to ever have peace and acceptance?? It depresses me so much.


How to Stop Regular Outbreaks

I need to know more about this subject and how to stop my seemingly regular outbreaks. Your subject matter was in-depth and informative but if YOU capitalise a word YOU should probably double check YOUR usage. OCD man over and out —N

For me, stopping regular outbreaks in the beginning was easy. Whenever I had an outbreak or felt one coming on I would take Valtrex. As the years have gone by I haven’t really had to worry about regular outbreaks. Talk to your doctor about what’s going on and see what their recommendations are. A good clinically-proven herpes antiviral usually gets the job done. Have you given some thought to suppressive therapy? That usually does the trick, too.

Hoping my hand herpes story helps someone somewhere!

My story begins 22 years ago when I was 15. I went and got my first manicure and full set of acrylic nails for prom. I went to a friend’s sister who was almost through with cosmetology school and we did this at her home. My nails looked great and I was a happy girl. That is, until 2 weeks later when I got these horrible sores around my cuticles and down my middle finger.

Went to the pediatrician. ( I was 15 ) Dr. said I had gotten a fungal infection from a bad manicure. These sores went away and have come back off and on for 20 years. Never really thought about getting a second opinion because I had never in my life heard about hand herpes. Until last week.

I had a massive burning itching feeling in the palm of my hand and within 24 hours I had a 1 inch painful blister on the palm of my hand. I assumed I had a sticker in my hand, so I opened the sore (huge no no!) and saw nothing. I put triple antibiotic on the blister and covered it with a bandage.

Next morning I wake up to a red streak running up my arm from my palm to my elbow. Ran to the dr to be told I had a blood infection. He ordered IV antibiotics through a Picc line, and did a culture on my blister. Culture came back negative for bacteria, so he did a blood test. By the time the blood test results came back, I had 3 painful blisters on my palm. The blood test showed HSV 1. Mind you, I have never had a fever blister, cold sore or genital herpes. Herpes was a non existent word in my world.

The dr and I discussed my history in detail and decided that the fungal infection I had been diagnosed with was actually my first outbreak of Herpetic Whitlow. Imagine 22 years and I never knew! We are now trying Valtrex to help clear this up faster, taking Xanax to help me deal with the anxiety and are simply using Universal Procedure to keep me from transmitting to my husband and 2 children.

I was astonished to hear that most Herpetic Whitlow cases are not diagnosed because of lack of public awareness. Hand Herpes, who knew you could get such a thing? Now we know and you don’t have to be sexually active to be infected! Lesson learned? Always go to a reputable, licensed cosmetologist to get your nails done! Lol


Learning to cope with herpes

Hi! I just read your blog “19 and a virgin”, and I just wanted to share my story, because i just had a very similar happening, except I was 18.

Back in May of 2011, I became in a relationship with the guy of my dreams. He was the sweetest, most handsome guy, I had ever met. I was 17 when we started dating, and he was 21. This was my first serious relationship. Up until this point, i had never even kissed a guy! I’ve always been a shy girl, and he helped me get out of my little comfort
zone, and that’s one of the things I liked about him.

He was in the army, a very clean cut, respectable man. At least that’s what he made me think. Let’s just say, he was very good at manipulating me, and making me believe every word that came out of his mouth.

This is a very drama filled story, so be prepared!

He had his ex-girlfriend pregnant. So throughout our realtionship, I had to deal with all kinds of baby mamma drama. She was not a fan of me, seeing as I “stole her babies father”. Besides the baby mamma drama, our relationship was amazing. I never thought I could truly love somebody, as much as I loved him. I couldn’t see myself with anybody else.

About a month after we got together, we had sex. Not really the time frame I preferred, I wanted to wait, so that way I knew it meant something to him, as well, and not just me. Mind you, my ex had had sex with just about 40 girls at this time. Yes, I shoulda known better, but I didn’t. He said he had recently been tested by the army, because they do yearly std checks. Seeing as it was the army, I believed him, of course.

I only agreed to have sex this early in our relationship, if he promised, that things wouldn’t change after the fact. He did. But things did change..

After this, we were having sex on a daily basis. ALWAYS protected, even though I was on the pill. There was 1 time, we had unprotected sex. But our relationship started spirling downwards. He started treating me badly, started lying, rolled his eyes at me everytime I made him say “I love you” back. It was awful. But being the person I am, I delt with it, and ignored all the obvious signs in front of my face.

In late July, I found stuff down in my “area” that was not normal. This was about 2 weeks after we had unprotected sex, and I was scared. I had my mom make me an appointment with my doctor.

I went and got checked out, and my doctor told me that she was almost positive, that it was herpes, but that she would test it, just to make sure. I left that doctors office, with a prescription for “valtrex”. I texted my boyfriend, and confronted him. I was embarrassed, I felt dirty. I couldn’t believe this would happen to me, of all people. Why did i deserve this?

We talked about it, and he swore up and down, that he never cheated, and I wanted to believe him, but I didn’t. But also made him think I believed him. I was in love. Love makes you do stupid things.

About 2 weeks later, my doctor called me, and confirmed that I was infected with the HSV 2 virus. I was devestated. I cried, and cried, and cried. I’ve never been an emotional person, but it was traumatizing to someone who was only 18!

My boyfriend told me, that he doesn’t have it, and that he has never had any symptoms, or outbreaks. He was coming up with every excuse in the book, to make himself feel better. Which I found humorous, because he HAD to of given it to me. There was no other way.

A month went by, and he broke up with me. I think i was more devastated when he broke up with me, than I was when I found out I had herpes. I went into a full blown, deep depression. I ended up losing 40lbs. I didn’t want to do anything.

The day after we broke up, all the truth came out.

I found out that he cheated on me with 3 girls. 1 of them, being his baby mamma! With finding this out, I knew how I got the herpes for sure.

A couple months went by, and I started talking to someone new. I eventually told them I had herpes. I was so scared, but the reaction he gave me, was unbelievable! He had no problem with it what so ever! I was so relieved!

Our relationship didn’t last, because he’s in the marines, and is stationed 650 miles away from me. But his family lives were i live, and I’m still very close to them.

To this day my boyfriend that gave me herpes, still denies that he has it, and won’t go get tested. We still talk from time to time. I don’t hate him anymore, I’m mature enough to see that people make mistakes, and I moved on.

I was so relieved to see your story, and to see that I’m not the only one this has happened to! I’m still learning to cope with having herpes. its hard, but its getting better, day by day. I hope you enjoyed my story, and hope to hear back from you!

Thanks for reading :)


Tis The Season I Guess

flying-leapIf you have a question about GlaxoSmithKline then you write and ask THEM your question. I am not affiliated with GlaxoSmithKline. You’re in a Tizzy because I’ve had genital herpes for almost 15 years and I have been proactive in sharing what has worked for me.

I don’t take anything at this point in time and haven’t really had to since my last child was born which was back in 2005. The time before I gave birth to her, I had another baby in 2003. My OBGYN recommended that I go on suppressive therapy the last 6 weeks of both of my pregnancies in order to make an honest attempt to suppress viral activity during labor and delivery so that I and both my girls would have the best chance possible of having a normal vaginal birth.

So SUE ME if that is what I took to suppress the virus. VALTREX. I’ll say it again… VALTREX. I took VALTREX to suppress the virus during the last 6 weeks of BOTH of my pregnancies. I believe the recommendation is to take 1,000 mg daily. There is Nothing wrong with that. My OBGYN recommended that to me and I can tell whoever I want to that it is VALTREX that I took.

You don’t like that I’m sharing what works for me. I get that. But it’s my journey and my experience. I have a right to share whatever it is that I want to. I don’t work for GlaxoSmithKline. I am me. I am contracted this virus almost 15 years ago. I’ve taken ZOVIRAX, FAMVIR, ACYCLOVIR and VALTREX. Out of ALL of the clinically proven herpes antivirals I find that FOR ME… VALTREX works the best. It’s Not my problem if you can’t stand that. I will continue to share my experiences with others. It’s called FREE SPEECH.

You go right ahead and forward my site to whoever you think you need to. I don’t have to put up with this type of harassment. If you continue to harass me and write to me I will continue to post factual e-mails including all personally identifiable information as to WHO is writing to me and threatening me with this ridiculousness. So be my guest. Report to your heart’s content. I have absolutely nothing to hide and I’m sure you see that my life is out there for all to read with regard to HERPES and what works FOR ME.

As for the clinically proven herpes antivirals… you know… the stuff that actually works to treat and suppress the herpes virus as well as reduce transmission by up to 50% along with reduction of asymptomatic shedding by about 95%… it’s not my responsibility to point you in the direction of the studies. You have access to the internet GOOGLE it. Furthermore… these herpes antivirals are antivirals for a reason. I’m sorry you don’t like that but that’s not my fault. It is what it is. If you don’t like GlaxoSmithKline’s clinically proven herpes antiviral VALTREX… take it up with THEM not ME.

This is just one example of the crud I have to deal with day in and day out. I’m Not going to put up with this type of harassment. I’m just Not. I don’t deserve it.

Name of sender: Meryl Squires
Email of sender:
————————- COMMENTS ————————-
Are you paid by GlaxoSmithKline? New FTC regulations require disclosure. You do not cite any scientific proof yet you malign a product. Your site is being forwarded to regulatory attorneys.


I’m beginning to understand why Meryl Squires aka: INTERNET BULLY is harassing and threatening me. She is pissed off that nobody has sent me anything nice to say about her snake oil over the counter stuff called Releev. You see, I have a comment and feedback page for people to post their own personal experiences using the stuff. I can’t help it if so far nobody has sent me anything positive to say about it. At this rate anybody sending me anything positive would be questionable at best since Meryl Squires has taken it upon herself to harass and BULLY me.

Take notes Ms. Squires. I don’t care who you are, how many degrees you have, or how qualified you think you are to berate and belittle me. I am an online volunteer patient advocate. I help people that have Herpes, HPV or any other STD. We offer support on my site, blog, and message board. My efforts are strictly to share support, PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, and to point people in the right direction when they can’t find what they are looking for.

I also point people in the direction of the Center for Disease Control, American Social Health Association, and the Food and Drug Administration. If you have a problem with the fact that people are not happy with your OTC product then you take it up with them and leave me out of it!

I do not work for GSK or any other Pharmaceutical Company. I have had herpes for 15 years now and I share what has personally worked for me. I make sure people know that there are clinically proven herpes antivirals out there that will not only reduce outbreaks but suppress them AND keep asymptomatic shedding reduced, too. I can’t help it that you don’t like that.


The Bathroom And Herpes


Sometimes when people read my Herpes Biography they have more questions to ask about what’s going on with me today after all these years. I don’t mind answering these type of questions at all. In fact, I am compiling a list of Frequently Asked Personal Questions about my life and what’s it been like having herpes all these years.

1.) When you took Valtrex for two years and after had that one little outbreak did you or do you have anymore outbreaks?

Let’s see … I’ve had herpes 14 years now. I would say that I probably get an outbreak maybe once a year … if that?

2.) Did you shower when you had an outbreak like it didn’t exist?

The only thing I don’t do if I’m having an outbreak is scrub too hard in the shower. You know … you kinda have to take it easy when you are cleaning sensitive areas down there. I tend to use a wash rag pretty regularly so if I’m having an outbreak, I might choose to wash and soak in the bathtub instead.

To be honest, my outbreaks don’t last that long because I can usually tell when I’m about to have one. I pop a Valtrex as soon as possible and only have to take them for about 3 days.

I think you can pretty much bath however you want to with or without an outbreak. Obviously you’re going to want to take it easy on yourself so as not to irritate an already sensitive area. I hope that makes sense.

3.) Did you ever take a bath with your babies? And of course when you had no outbreaks?

Yep! I always took baths with my girls when they were babies. They are still small enough that sometimes they think it’s fun to bathe together. Sometimes we shower together too.

When I’m having an outbreak I don’t take a bath at the same time but even if I did and didn’t know I was having an outbreak … my kiddos would not contract herpes from me that way. Herpes is spread through skin to skin contact through sex, oral sex, anal sex, kissing … some form of sexual contact AND only when the virus is present and active on the surface of the skin.

You are not going to contract herpes from a bathtub, toilet seat, or shower stall. That’s just not how it works AND the virus can not survive on surfaces for too long anyway. And you’re not going to contract herpes from a swimming pool either. It’s all good.

4.) When you had an outbreak and after you showered did you dry it with your towel and used it the next day?

I think what the answer to this question boils down to is whether or not you share towels with your friends and/or family members. That’s not a very good practice in terms of cleanliness. Each person should have and use their own towel, not because of herpes, but just because sharing towels just like sharing drinks is not a very good idea.

5.) When you had an outbreak did you clean your toilet and bathroom sink everyday?

No Way! lol :] You don’t have to clean your toilet seat and/or bathroom sink every single day because of herpes. That’s just not how transmission works so go easy on yourself with all that cleaning.

Here are more questions that I’ve answered over the years.