Thank You! Positive Singles & Online Dating Tips

What can I say— your site is fabulous— thank you for your encouragement, your boldness—
what a place of freedom and liberation you must be in.

It’s been 5 years for me, and I only recently gathered the courage to put a profile on PositiveSingles—no picture of course.

Dating outside of the virus isn’t working anymore— the stress is just too great.

But sites like this give me a place to be comfortable.

Thanks again for this site– I’m adding it to my favorites. – Anonymous

I hope you guys will not limit yourself to dating only those that have herpes OR any STI for that matter.

I think it’s important to take  your time getting to know the person that you are smitten with.. right?

It’s one reason why I list both herpes dating, std dating and regular online dating sites on my herpes dating page.

Think about it,  you want somebody to like you for who you are and not what you have, right?

So just take your time getting to know those that you are interested in. Go slow. You might find that knowing somebody’s heart trumps knowing about what they have.

If you love each other unconditionally everything else won’t really matter and you can just enjoy being together.

I don’t think you  have to disclose your STD status when you first meet somebody that you could potentially be interested in.

Go on some dates, get to know them, if you think there is a connection and that you are headed towards a more serious and sexually satisfying relationship then you’ll know that it’s time to sit down and talk about STD’s.

Remember,  it’s not all about you and your STD status. You  have a right to know their STD status too.

So talk about it, communicate opening and make a date to go and get tested together BEFORE you have sex. Once you do that you’ll be able to  handle anything as a couple that may come your way.

If you found this post to be of help OR you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

We also have a message board where you can leave a free personal profile. It’s been slow going at first but more and more people are starting to utilize this free service and many people are meeting one another and making new friends in the process.

Thanks and have a great day  ya’ll! : ) – Angela