The Bathroom And Herpes


Sometimes when people read my Herpes Biography they have more questions to ask about what’s going on with me today after all these years. I don’t mind answering these type of questions at all. In fact, I am compiling a list of Frequently Asked Personal Questions about my life and what’s it been like having herpes all these years.

1.) When you took Valtrex for two years and after had that one little outbreak did you or do you have anymore outbreaks?

Let’s see … I’ve had herpes 14 years now. I would say that I probably get an outbreak maybe once a year … if that?

2.) Did you shower when you had an outbreak like it didn’t exist?

The only thing I don’t do if I’m having an outbreak is scrub too hard in the shower. You know … you kinda have to take it easy when you are cleaning sensitive areas down there. I tend to use a wash rag pretty regularly so if I’m having an outbreak, I might choose to wash and soak in the bathtub instead.

To be honest, my outbreaks don’t last that long because I can usually tell when I’m about to have one. I pop a Valtrex as soon as possible and only have to take them for about 3 days.

I think you can pretty much bath however you want to with or without an outbreak. Obviously you’re going to want to take it easy on yourself so as not to irritate an already sensitive area. I hope that makes sense.

3.) Did you ever take a bath with your babies? And of course when you had no outbreaks?

Yep! I always took baths with my girls when they were babies. They are still small enough that sometimes they think it’s fun to bathe together. Sometimes we shower together too.

When I’m having an outbreak I don’t take a bath at the same time but even if I did and didn’t know I was having an outbreak … my kiddos would not contract herpes from me that way. Herpes is spread through skin to skin contact through sex, oral sex, anal sex, kissing … some form of sexual contact AND only when the virus is present and active on the surface of the skin.

You are not going to contract herpes from a bathtub, toilet seat, or shower stall. That’s just not how it works AND the virus can not survive on surfaces for too long anyway. And you’re not going to contract herpes from a swimming pool either. It’s all good.

4.) When you had an outbreak and after you showered did you dry it with your towel and used it the next day?

I think what the answer to this question boils down to is whether or not you share towels with your friends and/or family members. That’s not a very good practice in terms of cleanliness. Each person should have and use their own towel, not because of herpes, but just because sharing towels just like sharing drinks is not a very good idea.

5.) When you had an outbreak did you clean your toilet and bathroom sink everyday?

No Way! lol :] You don’t have to clean your toilet seat and/or bathroom sink every single day because of herpes. That’s just not how transmission works so go easy on yourself with all that cleaning.

Here are more questions that I’ve answered over the years.

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  1. Thanks for all the useful information. My husband found an empty bottle of Valtrex hidden in the corner of the towel closet of our new home. It was fairly new so I freaked out. I had the entire bathroom stripped and redone. I already had a new Medicine Cabinet Vanity picked out. I guess I could have saved a lot of money if I would have just took the time to try to understand..

  2. Hi. Im recently divorced and we divorced over his kid. Shes a monster and he allows it. I wont let her back talk but my kids do. Is it bad that I cant stand my own girls? We yell at each other all the time and they dont respect me at all. They are 14 and 17 and i cant wait for them to leave the house. I think i also have genital herpes. little bumps that burn and itch? I dont want to go to the doctor because im in a small nv town. thanks

  3. It doesn’t matter how big your town is – you should still go to the doctor. That’s the only way that you’re going to get this figured out.

  4. Charleen: Please go to and click on H-Pals. Choose your state and a city. Send us an email and someone will respond with support, answer your questions and send links that may be helpful. I am listed in Florida/Melbourne. You can, however, write me directly to my email addy and will receive a reply right away. I hate to say it, but it does sound like you have herpes. Don’t despair…there is much help for you now in the realm of meds, support, information. You should go to your doc as soon as you have the suspect blisters and get them cultured. In the meantime, stay calm, as stress is one of the things that causes outbreaks. As I said, there are meds for you that will help immensely! Your doctor is bound to confidentiality! If he/she told anyone about anything about your medical conditions, they would be breaking the law. And if you see someone you now while at the doctor’s waiting room, you don’t have to explain a thing. “here for my yearly” works well! Smile and keep reading that magazine. Hope to hear from you.

  5. This is the real Charleen Belcher the stuff that was written Oct 6th was written By my child Brooke Unger who is 17 soon to be 18. She is battleing a mental illness.None of the information is true it’s sad that she feel she has to reach out like this. She has posted many hurtful thing about me I’m not sure why I have spent the last 17 years taking care of her by myself her dad was not been in the picture. I did just find out her dad is Bipolar.I THINK THIS IS WHAT SHE IS STUFFING FROM.

  6. This was brought to my attention and i was suggested that i needed to come read this. Charleen couldnt be more of a liar. And second, charleen, how could you talk about one of YOUR own kids this way? Your kid was taken away from you, because your a worthless mother. She was removed from your home in October, do you have her back yet? No, oh why??? WHY??? How many mothers call their daughter a whore or worthless? Just you! As for her dad, he was NEVER around? And NEVER paid you child support? You are such a liar! He ALWAYS paid you and before he moved he ALWAYS took the girls.

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  8. Nobody wants to hear about your personal business. Please take it somewhere else.

  9. This is Charleen’s sister. This is obviously not the place for personal issues. Kelly(aka Brooke) I think it is very sad that it is necessary to come on here and spew garbage about your mother. The one who has always been there for you and not your father. Your father chose not to be in the picture and not to pay his child support. Why do you think the district attorney attached his wages? Because duh he never paid his child support. Feel however you want about the person who has given you everything and always been there for you but please stop using this forum to just be hurtful. You are a very sick girl and I hope one day you get help but in the meantime live your life and just leave your mother alone. You have hurt her enough.

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  11. Please take your personal family business elsewhere! If someone is spewing untrue details the best way to handle this is to ignore. Control yourself and do not respond.

  12. This comment thread is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Seven years old and still hilarious.

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