The President of Imulux has something to say

Open Letter to all past, current and future users of the Imulux protocol.

My name is Dr. Jon Stoneburner, President and owner of Imulux Ltd.. I was appointed to the position of Professor of Energy Medicine at the Institute of Progressive Medicine in 2005 by its founder Dr. John Martin and have co authored published clinical trials that appear in Principals of Molecular Pathology. I have been appointed the position of “clinical investigator” buy the IRB (Institutional Review Board) under an IND (Investigational New Drug) permit granted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in April of 2006.

There has been a lot of talk in the herpes community regarding Imulux. I would like to clarify our claims and position on the Imulux protocol so that there is no misunderstanding.


No one on the face of the planet can claim to have a “cure” for herpes but we at Imulux feel that we might have the closest thing to it.

  • We claim that the Imulux protocol kills viruses allowing the body to form antibodies. Your immune system is what protects you from that point forward.
  • We claim according to clinical trials that patients consistently report immediate relief of symptoms associated with their outbreak and expedited healing of their lesion following application of the Imulux protocol.


Science will agree with the following facts:

  • ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT IS “HAZARADIOUS TO THE HEALTH OF VIRUSES”, they do not survive well in its presence.

Scientists at Imulux have found a solution that allows ultraviolet light to pass through the skin unaltered in wavelength or intensity. We call this solution a “photon lending substance”. The substance involved is not a drug, medication, or strong chemical with hazardous side effects. In fact it is classified by the FDA as a class one Medical Device. This substance is readily absorbed by the virus and when exposed to ultraviolet light causes damage to the virus killing it. The light alone would damage the virus but the photon lending substance allows the light to enter the virus directly killing it. This is simply a form of energy medicine, no different than cold packs placed on an injured ankle. The cold helps the pain and swelling. (“Energy medicine”)

  • Published clinical trials have proven the following; (
  • Patients consistently report immediate relief of outbreak symptoms following the Imulux protocol
  • Doctors and clinicians report expedited healing readily observable at 24 hour follow up of the Imulux protocol
  • Interviews with clinical investigators that have done 3 year follow up surveys showed the following facts:
  • 93% of patients contacted showed continued permanent remission (outbreak free) at three years following the Imulux protocol with one treatment.
  • with two treatments the percentage jumps to over 96%
  • 5 patients required 3 treatments for permanent remission
  • Only three patients required more than 3 treatments for permanent remission
  • Only one patient reported a total of 7 treatments for permanent remission

The following should be clearly noted here:

1) That many of the multiple treatment patients had more than one partner during this three year period and some admitted having multiple relationships prior to the administration of the Imulux protocol; thus it is possible for some individuals to harbor more than one strain of the herpes virus.

2) The Imulux protocol treats the current strain involved in the current outbreak only. After the Imulux protocol the individual will produce antibodies to the strain that is active in the current outbreak. These antibodies will not protect you from another strain. One successful treatment does not make it impossible for an individual to be re-infected with another strain of the herpes virus.

Most Common Reasons Why Imulux May Appear Not To Work for Some Patients:

1) Treating outside the window of an active outbreak (typically a four day window is all you have): An ACTIVE outbreak must be present for application to occur. It is imperative that the active outbreak is there. If you do not have an active outbreak when treating yourself, it may not work. DO NOT TREAT what may NOT be an outbreak, or DO NOT TREAT a premature outbreak, or DO NOT TREAT a post outbreak, BUT RATHER TREAT a real ACTIVE outbreak that is present.

2) Infected with Multiple Strains: If you have multiple strains, YOU WILL HAVE another outbreak. It is imperative that you treat the second outbreak with the appropriate Medpak. There are 8 different major categories of the herpes virus, and there are multiple sub-strains in each category, thus it is possible that you could have dozens of different strains in your body. Therefore it is possible that you may need to treat yourself multiple times. However, according to studies 93% of the people only have one strain, an additional 6% of the people have 2 strains, and less than 1% have more than 2 strains. YOU MUST TREAT EACH STRAIN SEPERATLEY WITH EACH OUTBREAK.

3) Multiple Partners: If you have multiple partners, YOU MAY CATCH another strain, and therefore you MUST treat the new strain separately. After the use of the IMULUX treatment on a particular strain, you are still susceptible to re-infection with a new strain.

4) Improper Application: You MUST apply the protocol correctly. And must see all the complete stages occur (i.e. “The florescence”). Without the florescence the virus is not present, and therefore too late or too early for the application of the protocol to be successful.

The Imulux Wellness Program allows you to receive FREE OF CHARGE additional Medpaks due to the above treatment failures.

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  1. How do I participate in a clinical trial for this medication or how do I get it? I am very interested in trying anything that my cure it!

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