Things Happen

I grew up in a family that wasn’t against premarital sex, but was warned of the risks of unprotected sex. my sisters were 5 and 8 years older than me, and i saw some of the mistakes they made involving sex. one of my sisters had a herpes scare when she was about 18 or 19. i swore to always use protection because not only did i not want to end up with herpes or something worse, but i saw how my other sister made fun of her behind her back.

well, now i’m 18. i work front desk at a hotel and get hit on a lot. i usually don’t accept. then, a construction worker who would be staying there for months hit on me, and something attracted me to him. even though i know i could get fired for having any kind of relationship with him, i went for it. he told me everything i wanted to hear, and without pressure, i slept with him. things were fine, i never had any symptoms.

we continued our relationship for weeks and weeks, and he told me he wanted something more than sex before anything happened. well, a little over a month into it, my vagina started to hurt really badly. i figured it was from rough sex we had the night before, and really thought nothing of it…until it became worse later that night. then i put it off on the new soap and laundry soap that i had used.

the next day, things were so much worse. i had all these nasty painful bumps all over and my vagina was swollen and itchy. i went to the gynecologist the next day and after looking for about 10 seconds, she automatically said herpes. i’m still not entirely convinced it’s herpes.

i don’t get the culture results until next week, but she told me that even if it comes up negative, she still says its herpes. i was put on valtrex, and really made to feel like a slut. regardless, i’ve never felt so much pain in my life. it hurts to sit, it hurts to walk, it hurts to urinate, everything hurts.

regardless if it turns out to be herpes, a severe yeast infection, or an allergic reaction, i’ve learned my lesson. not only did my doctor make me feel like a slut, a classmate at college filled my herpes medication, and i cried the entire day feeling dirty and degraded.

i made the mistake, and now i’m dealing with it. i told my mother, and she was more supportive than i ever thought she would be. she didn’t get mad, and she didn’t judge. i’ve been praying all night that i don’t have herpes, but even if i don’t or even if i do, the lesson is definitely learned.

and now i know that these things can happen after even just one time of intercourse without proper thought before hand. even if you think you know the person, even if they have no symptoms, things happen. i just hope someone out there doesn’t make the same mistakes.

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  1. Was your result come up positive or negative to Herpes?

    How are you dealing with you now?

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