Valtrex Vs Generic Valacyclovir

Goodbye little blue pill! My health insurance company would not approve my doc’s order of NO SUBSTITUTION concerning 500 mg Valtrex to treat my Herpes outbreaks. Can you believe it? It seems health insurance companies and pharmacies know better than the doc what is best for their patients.

For the first time in my adult life I have to settle for the Valtrex Generic 500 mg Valacyclovir by Mylan. It’s a little white pill with a M122 stamp. Honestly, I can’t afford to pay $300.00+ for a 30 day supply of Valtrex. It’s a good thing having Herpes isn’t an autoimmune situation or I’d be in the fight for my life with these all-knowing-trump-the-doc companies looking to squeeze a bang for every buck.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s I think the most I ever paid for a month’s supply of 500 mg Valtrex was $30.00, not $300.00 – which is CRAZY!

I will give this generic blue-wanna-be Valtrex by Mylan a try. Hopefully it will be just as good as name-brand Valtrex.

In the meantime, I would be interested in any feedback you might have for me regarding Generic Valtrex.

P.S. I almost forgot – Yes, I still get outbreaks from time to time. Lately I have been second guessing myself wondering if I do in fact have a food aversion to almonds and walnuts, BUT I’m pretty sure my outbreak trigger is STRESS. Stress seems to get me every time.

One thought on “Valtrex Vs Generic Valacyclovir

  1. From PeterWolf

    In our diets.
    Arginine should be avoided. L-Lysine should be added.
    500mg three times a day minimum. L-lysine, not Lysine it has
    to be the L type. Why? Herpes thrives in an Arginine environment.
    Arginine is one of our naturally occurring amino acids, plus its in all the nuts and everything wheat.
    Our body doesn’t make L-lysine so it has to be added.
    Jarrow L-lysine, and get it on

    There is actual white paper on that Arginine -L-Lysine imbalance, I just can not recover it from the web. Two Cardio Vascular Surgeons discovered the patients who had symptomatic inflammations of the central nervous system , discovered that when testing their patients blood they found inflammation everywhere in the cardiovascular system, every time their patients were experiencing herpes symptoms.
    What was more intriguing they discovered was the fact that this massive inflammation of the entire central nervous system was taking place at least three weeks before the symptoms appeared.
    You know what that means.

    My opinion alone
    Herpes has probably saved us from strokes and heart attacks. Here is why. Normal people eating the meat and potatoes diet build up plaque on the inside of the arterial and venous walls. when too much accumulates, the brain is signaled to cause an over all inflammation of the arterial vascular system which in turn dislodges the plaque which now falls into the blood stream, and is captured by the white blood cells, and whisked away to hopefully dissolve later on. It’s the larger deposits breaking off that stroke and heart attack us. Here herpes has been causing a serious inflammation of the Arterial Vascular System for years on end month after month at least saving my sorry ass for my certain future.
    PS, get rid of the pills. Get yourself some L-lysine, and then get your doctor to write a prescription for Acyclovir 5% ointment 60mg tube.
    have him or her call it into Innovation Compounding .Inc. 800 547 1399
    That tube will last you a couple of years, don’t take it into the heat.
    You can get any size tube you want, however and the 60mg will set you back 167.00
    The L-lysine will work well + the Acyclovir Ointment, much better on the Liver by far. It does me perfectly.
    Holiday Cheers.

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