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He totally 100% accepted me

It's been ages since I've posted here, so I thought it was time for a quarterly report 'cause I know everyone has been waiting for it! Uh, except of course I doubt anyone remembers me!

Recap: I'm in Australia, I'm 34 and a nursing student and I've had herpes for 10 years now, and I met my `love interest' online (or should that be `love object'??). He is in America. I'm not ;-)

I went to visit him in the US in January this year. I do believe there were suggestions at the time I should bake him a cake with peanut butter icing and he would be mine forever (there were also other more ribald suggestions as to what to do with the peanut butter icing, I think. Or that could just be my dirty mind playing tricks on me lol).

Anyhow, we spent a month together and had a wow of a time (no PB involved). We continued our long distance romance and are now officially engaged. I'm convinced we're both crazy to do this after only having spent one month together `for real'. I'm also convinced it feels right, and frankly we both believe we're old enough to know what we're looking for, and still young enough to be stupid and take chances! My friends think I am deranged, but they've always thought that, so that's nothing new heh. Anyhow, we're happy, committed and not really thinking wedding plans at this stage, just going along with our lives and praying for the day we get to be together every day!

This guy has totally 100% accepted me with herpes. He is just so unconcerned by it, it's not funny. We discussed it of course, and I gave him info prior to engaging in sex. Since then we've not talked about it again really. Not because it's a yucky dirty subject, but because he just has no issues with it. In fact my telling him about it initially was the very thing that brought us closer together. For the first time in my life I was actually glad I have it! It truly is a `filter' and a way to really `see' the true character of the other person.

Of course, I worry about him contracting it from me. His response is: `we'll deal with it together if and when that happens. I think you're worth the risk, and the risk doesn't scare me.' He says it's not like I'm going to give him cancer or anything, so what's the big deal? Gotta love him :-)

So to anyone out there struggling with their herpes diagnosis, have hope. There are truly great guys (and girls) who will accept you for all the wonderful things you are, and who will see herpes as nothing more than the `skin condition' it is. It's hard to believe that when you are newly diagnosed, but it's true. I know that if my guy and I ever break up it won't be because of herpes - it will most likely be because he's a butt head sometimes, unlike me who is all sweetness and light LOL (seriously, I don't see it happening at all!).

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