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I met my current husband 3 years ago after a painful breakup with the father of my two oldest children. We dated at first and quickly realized that we were meant for each other in many different ways.

A little after two years into the relationship I broke out with a sore that quickly sent me to my doctor to find out what it was. Sure enough, her and my suspicions were correct and she told me that I had HSV-2. I cried in her office, and she explained to me that if this was the primary outbreak I shouldn't have to worry about more severe outbreaks in the future because this one was not that bad. I was still very depressed despite what she said and also confused because I knew I was with one man for the past 2 years.

My husband already knew why I was going to the doctor and he also knew that he had to get checked as well. Sure enough he was diagnosed with HSV-2 and the only difference is that he doesn't get visible outbreaks. He only asymptomatically sheds the virus which is the reason why he never knew he had it in the first place. So that was a relief to rule out that he had not been cheating on me, but he realized that he probably had this disease for years and couldn't trace it to any one person.

Two weeks after I was diagnosed I realized that I was late getting my period and I started to worry that I might be pregnant. I bought a test and sure enough I found out I was pregnant. Now this sent my mind into a whirlwind of worry since I was already freaked out that I actually had HSV-2 in the first place. When I talked to my doctor she said that since I had my primary outbreak in the 1st trimester, that I was at a lower risk of transmitting it to my baby. What she said didn't even matter though because I was online night and day trying to get as much info as I could on the whole thing anyway. I was never so scared about anything in my whole life. We decided that we were going to do what we could to have a healthy baby, and that I would aim for a vaginal delivery if at all possible.

So I maybe suffered two outbreaks in the first half of my pregnancy, and towards the last 6 weeks I went on suppressive therapy with Valtrex to prevent any further outbreaks. On July 20, 2005, I delivered a healthy, gorgeous 7 lb 4 oz baby boy. He was born vaginally, and I was outbreak-free during the delivery.

I found so many wonderful herpes support groups online that helped me with all of my worries whenever they arose. I have since overcome the disgust for what I have, and if anything, I now have a beautiful child to remind me everyday that life does go on. Thanks again to all the wonderful people out there, especially women, that have this as well and helped me through this pregnancy making me confident that things would go well.


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