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Cold Sores

I broke up with my boyfriend of three years and was severely depressed.  I ended up with a very severe eating disorder and into the hospital for two months.  After recovery, I started to feel a lot better.  I went out and went to clubs and was a very social person.

One Sunday night I went out to a club to watch my friends' band play.  It was a benefit for a disease (I can't remember which one) so I made the exception of going out on a Sunday even though I had to work the next day.  While at the club, I met the most amazing man I had ever met.  He was social, friendly, sweet, and he managed the club!  We immediately hit it off and stayed up that night until about 4 in the morning.  Needless to say, I called out sick from work the next day.

As our relationship progressed, we became physically intimate.  We were safe.  We used protection and him and I had both been tested for STD's.

One night, about two months into our relationship, I was feeling a little sore.  I was thinking it was because of the fact that we had sex the night before.  So, I let it go for a day or two.  I started to get worried after 3 days of progressively worse symptoms.  I now was having pain during urination.  So, I managed to make an appointment on Monday for my OBGYN to check me out.  At this point, I was having trouble urinating because of the pain.  I thought I had a urinary tract infection.

She immediately recognized my symptoms and told me I had herpes.  I couldn't believe her.  I had safe sex.  I was in so much pain that I couldn't urinate.  I literally couldn't.  She told me to go to the emergency room to have a catheter put in and told me to take the week off of work. However, after crying to my mother, I decided I was going to sit in the tub until I urinated and not get the catheter.  It was so painful.  I had never felt pain so horrible in my life.  My GYN said it was the worst case she's seen in years.  I took off work and called my new boyfriend to see what he was doing that night since I knew I had to break it to him in person.

So, I went and got my prescribed meds from the pharmacy and headed to my boyfriend's house in the evening.  I held off telling him until he had a couple of drinks.  I told him that the doctor is trying to diagnose me with herpes.  The tests hadn't come back in.  He was shocked.  He kept questioning me.  But, I hadn't had unprotected sex with anyone and it had to be from him because I hadn't been with anyone else for a long time.  Luckily for me, he took it very well.  I was having flu like symptoms so he babied me.  And, I still couldn't use a toilet.  So, every time I really needed to urinate, I'd have to go sit in the tub for at least 30 minutes and it still hurt like hell.  He would make me go in there and do it and offer to come hold my hand.  Sometimes, my body wanted to go into convulsions from the pain.  I went to see the doc a couple of days later and was still having really really bad pain.  She gave me a painkiller and that helped a bit.

When the tests came back, the doctor told me that I have herpes simplex A.  This type comes from cold sores.  I had no idea that they could be transmitted that way.  Now, it all fits together.  I got them from my current boyfriend from his mouth.  It's been a year and I haven't had another outbreak but I think it's important for people to know that you can get genital herpes from cold sores.

My life goes on.  I'm happy and my boyfriend loves me.  My family loves me and I look forward to buying a home and starting a family in the future.


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