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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By using this site you are placing yourself in automatic agreement with all of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to all of these Terms and Conditions, do not use this site! Yoshi2me may revise and Update these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you. Your continued use of this web site will mean that you accept those changes. Please note that our linking to any website external to Yoshi2me does NOT imply any recommendation or approval by Yoshi2me, or by any persons affiliated with Yoshi2me, of opinions, products or services advertised on, or linked to, from those external sites.

Yoshi2me is a volunteer online patient advocate that has been helping people with herpes since 1997. The support and help that is offered is strictly based on personal experiences and is never intended or assumed to ever take the place of your personal health care provider or health care clinic. Yoshi2me has absolutely nothing to do with any pharmaceutical company that is responsible for making any of the clinically proven herpes antivirals. Any discussion about clinically proven herpes antivirals OR over-the-counter treatments is strictly for informational purposes and should never be taken as fact OR replaced by your own doctorís recommendations. Any advertisement posted on any Yoshi2me web pages, blogs, or message boards should be looked at as only that: an advertisement. Just because you see it posted doesnít mean Yoshi2me endorses the product in the ad and it doesnít mean that Yoshi2me thinks you should try the products that are advertised on Yoshi2me.

Diagnosis on the Internet is not Possible!

The information contained on Yoshi2me is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on yoshi2me.com! If you feel that your clinician or doctor is a quack maybe you can find someone who has attended herpes lectures at various locations around the country and who wants to see patients succeed in managing herpes and other STDs.

Yoshi2me Email Transmission Disclaimer and Privacy

Email transmissions are considered privileged and confidential. Email transmissions are information that is meant for the use of the intended recipients. If you are not the intended recipient, or if the message has been addressed to you in error, do not read, disclose, reproduce, distribute, disseminate or otherwise use the email transmission. Instead, please notify the sender by reply e-mail, and then destroy all copies of the message and any attachments. Reliance on any information provided by Yoshi2me, H Pals or other visitors to the site through email transmissions or message boards is solely at your own risk. Yoshi2me will not ever consider selling e-mail addresses or contact information of it's members or site visitors. At Yoshi2me your confidentiality and privacy is of utmost importance.

Use of Content

The Privacy of those who have generously provided their own personal stories and photos is of utmost importance. Under no circumstances should the content on this site be copied or distributed for any reason. If you wish to publish or electronically reproduce any part of Yoshi2me you must seek permission and approval first! Yoshi2me reserves the right to refuse or make changes to any part of the letters, articles, stories, and news items submitted by people for posting. Reproduction in whole or part without express written permission is prohibited.

H-Pal Program

The H-Pal Program is strictly a mentoring tool. Itís a labor of love from people who wish to help others by sharing opinions and personal experiences. Corresponding with an H Pal is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Reliance on any information provided by Yoshi2me, H Pals or other visitors to the site through email transmissions is solely at your own risk.

Yoshi2me Public Message Boards

Should you decide to use our Public Message Boards you agree to the following rules: Do not use our message boards to break local, state, federal or international laws. Do not post material that infringes on property, privacy or publicity rights of others. Do not post material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful or embarrassing to any other person or entity as determined by Yoshi2me in its sole discretion. Do not post advertisements or solicitations of business. Do not after receiving a warning, continue to disrupt the normal flow of dialogue, or post comments that are not related to the topic being discussed. Do not post chain letters or pyramid schemes. Do not impersonate another person. Do not allow any other person or entity to use your identification for posting or viewing comments. Do not post the same note more than once. Do not spam. Do not post telephone numbers.

Yoshi2me reserves the right to do the following: Remove communications which are abusive, illegal, and disruptive or that otherwise fail to conform to these Terms and Conditions. Terminate a user's access to any or all Public Areas or the Yoshi2me site upon any breach of these Terms and Conditions. Monitor, edit, or disclose any communication in the Public Areas. Edit or delete any communications posted on Yoshi2me, regardless of whether such communications violate these standards.

Advertisements and Links TO Other Sites

Yoshi2me may provide links to third-party web sites. Yoshi2me does not recommend and does not endorse or control the content on any third-party web sites. Yoshi2me is not responsible for the content of linked third-party sites, third-party advertisements and does not make any representations regarding their content or accuracy. Your use of third-party websites is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use for such sites. Yoshi2me does not endorse any product advertised on Yoshi2me Unless Clearly Stated.

Advertisements and Links FROM Other Sites

There are organizations that would like you to believe that Yoshi2me and the Social Support Networking Alliance (SSNA) is a sponsor, partner or business associate of their company. Yoshi2me is not a sponsor, partner or business associate of any online business or company Unless Clearly Stated.

Link Exchanges

Yoshi2me actively participates in Link Exchanges with Other Sites in the capacity of informational resource or link recommendation. We offer a variety of pages and ways in which Other Sites may link back to Yoshi2me. Yoshi2me reserves the right to decline any link exchange requests and may remove links without notice at any time.

Yoshi2me may participate in Affiliate Programs and advertising arrangements in order to recover expenses or make charitable contributions.

Yoshi2me is a huge and vital ever changing site. There is no big sponsor and no special interest groups that control any of the thoughts conveyed or facts shared. Every single person that has contributed to the site has done so from the heart in hopes of making a difference.

You should not ever have to pay a single dime in order to ask a question, post a message or receive information about local STD support groups, local STD social groups or STD facts. Please keep that in mind when you surf the internet and come across "pay for" sites that claim to have it all.

Thank You for Your Cooperation!

We hope you find Yoshi2me helpful and convenient to use! Questions or comments regarding this web site, including any reports of non-functioning links, should be directed by electronic e-mail. We try to answer every email in a timely manner but are not always able to do so.

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